Gothic Designer Brings Bloodborne To Minecraft

Gothic Designer Brings Bloodborne To Minecraft
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8th Dec 2022 16:44

While we all are impatiently waiting for FromSoftware's Lovecraftian horror that is Bloodborne to receive a facelift and make its way to current-gen consoles or PC, one gothic designer has taken things into their own hands.

Of course, this is not the first major reproduction of a famous area within Minecraft, and it will be far from the last, but this will certainly be of interest to any hunters who are familiar with the dark and dingy streets of Yharnam.

This particular Bloodborne and Minecraft crossover is being completed by Potomy, who was drawn to the architecture of FromSoftware's game due to their interest in gothic structures - something that is certainly aplenty in Yharnam and beyond.

FromSoftware games almost force you to memorise every alleyway and corner in their areas, so this will be a joy to explore for seasoned players.

Which Bloodborne Sections Have Been Remade?

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Due to the already enormous scale of the project, the only three areas that are planned for reproduction are Central Yharnam, Cathedral Ward, and Old Yharnam. However, if you've played Bloodborne you will know that this comprises a significant area, especially due to the interconnected streets and various shortcuts. 

Beyond just simply recreating the three areas though, Potomy has plans for additional gameplay mechanics, boss battles, and even a replication of the well-loved trick weapon system. Any game where you can use the beloved Rakuyo again will likely be a success for many.

While it is far from being complete at this point in time, a significant amount of Central Yharnam has already been completed, which you can see in great detail in Potomy's own YouTube video. He shows a time-lapse of the whole building process, going over each new section and giving the intricate details of each decision they make.

Can You Download The Map?

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Unfortunately, as it is not yet complete, the Minecraft and Bloodborne crossover is not currently available for you to play. However, if you are part of Potomy's Patreon, then you can gain access to an early alpha version of Central Yharnam to look around if you so please.

One thing we can be sure of is that it will be an absolute pleasure to explore once it is done, especially in the absence of Bloodborne on any current hardware. Who knew we were all so eager to relive a nightmare?

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