Another Minecraft Spin-Off Is On The Way

Another Minecraft Spin-Off Is On The Way
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Joseph Kime


9th Jun 2022 09:52

Minecraft's reputation exceeds itself. The blocky builder is phenomenal in its own right, perhaps being the one game that allows its players to harness their creativity the most - but it has become so much more than that in the many years it has been supported by Mojang.

Minecraft is a cultural phenomenon that swept YouTube in a way that has proven itself to be unmatched, making itself the subject of let's plays, guides, and building ideas videos so plentiful that it has far and away become the platform's biggest game.

It has tried to spin-off in the past, with Minecraft Dungeons making a formidable effort to make the world of Minecraft into a dungeon crawler that just didn't do enough to capture players' imaginations. But now, it looks like they're trying on a new genre for size.

What Is The Minecraft Spin-Off?

According to an industry insider, a brand-new Minecraft spin-off looks to be on the way, though it's not set in stone if the game will be seeing a reveal at the upcoming Xbox presentation.

Jeff Gerstmann is the co-founder of Giant Bomb and has indicated in a recent stream that a new Minecraft RTS is on the way, taking the franchise in an entirely new direction.

"Also in the news, there's a new Minecraft game in development. And I don't know if this is something that's going to get announced at [the] Microsoft spin-off in the works."

He goes on to suggest that the title is "a real-time strategy game," and the gameplay sees the player take control of various units and issue them commands from a third-person perspective.


What's Next For Minecraft?

Minecraft has just seen the second part of its Caves & Cliffs update, introducing new cave systems and a brand-new build height limit, something that fans have been asking about for years.

There's not much known about the next update for the main game, but to be fair, we're just out of the gate with this new one that changes things pretty drastically. We might be waiting a while for updates on Minecraft, but the case could be different for this new spin-off. It's an exciting idea - let's just hope that Mojang can pull it off.

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