Minecraft Legends is already dead in the water

Minecraft Legends is already dead in the water
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Joseph Kime


11th Jan 2024 15:30

Minecraft is one of the leading champions in the world when it comes to games - but its spin-offs haven't quite enjoyed the same success. While Minecraft Dungeons still has its dedicated players, it hasn't come close to making a dent in the numbers of the sandbox original.

Though the world of Minecraft is so malleable that spin-offs should be incredibly simple, they just haven't managed to be so successful in making the game a franchise. And this fact couldn't have been made any clearer than an announcement that Mojang has just made.

Minecraft Legends is finished

Four players on horseback in Minecraft Legends.
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Well, that didn't take long at all. Mojang has revealed in a blog post that announces new features yet to come to Minecraft Legends that the team will be stepping back from developing the game.

After revealing the last Lost Legend, the team gets wistful about the game itself before revealing that it will no longer be a priority. "Since launch, we've listened to community feedback and implemented a series of changes and tweaks to make the game better," says the team.

They promise, "With that complete, we're now going to take a step back from development. While we won’t be releasing any new content (i.e. updates, Lost Legends, or Marketplace DLC) for Minecraft Legends, the fun doesn't stop here.

"We'll continue having a blast playing the game alongside our community because those rowdy piglins are showing no signs of slowing down." Mojang adds that there's one last freebie for fans to claim, as they can now bag the Bright-Eyed Hero skin in the shop, but after that, it's over. Minecraft Legends isn't up for any more content.

Mojang thanks Minecraft Legends fans

The Bright-Eyed hero skin coming to Minecraft Legends.
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Mojang thanks you for going on this "heroic journey," concluding that it will continue exploring new types of experiences through the support of the team, partners, and Minecraft community: "Together, we united the Overworld, made some adorably scary friends, and most importantly, showed those piglins that they messed with the wrong dimension, again and again. Keep your banners raised because the Overworld will always need a hero!"

It's a shame that players didn't engage with Minecraft Legends quite as Mojang had hoped, but so far, it seems that this is part of the same problem that infected Dungeons. Stick Minecraft on the box, and players want the Minecraft experience. It's hard to blame them, to be honest.

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