Lord of the Rings' Entire Middle Earth Has Been Recreated In Minecraft

Lord of the Rings' Entire Middle Earth Has Been Recreated In Minecraft
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23rd Dec 2021 15:22

From Bilbo Baggins' beautiful Bag End to the dark depths of Mordor, the Lord of the Rings' Middle Earth map has been the playground for some of the most imaginative pieces of cinema ever produced - creating fandoms, communities, and fellowships along the way.

Since smashing records at the box office, the mythical universe of Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs has often tried to be replicated, as devoted fans attempt to re-live the first time they saw Legolas' bow in action or the furry toes of the Baggins' plodding through the Shire. 

Now, a collection of elf-like warriors have taken to the block-placing Minecraft to complete a full replica of Middle Earth, piece by piece. This entire map would knock Gandal's socks off.

What Does Middle Earth Look Like In Minecraft?

Over eleven years in the making, a group of designers have dedicated endless hours to recreating Middle Earth in Minecraft, with the map now spanning across 29,000x30,000 blocks, which is the same scaled size as Dallas, Texas.

Created in October 2010, founder "q220" and the MCME group erected iconic landscapes such as the fortress of Isengard, the snow-capped mountains of Andrast, and the intricate city of Dol Amroth - from each and every widow to step. The Middle Earth Minecraft map, whilst still with finishing touches to certain areas left to polish.

It's available to be explored just as the Fellowship did, with mini-games to complete along the way such as hide and seek, PvP, races, and quizzes. Players can also strap on the huge boots of Bilbo to take on the full step-by-step path from The Hobbit, starting in the comfort of Bag End and finishing in the mouth of the Lonely Mountain.

How did they Recreate Middle Earth in Minecraft?

According to Founder, q222, the community was formed back in 2010 and has been pioneered through volunteers looking to leave their stamp on the iconic Minecraft world. Through a Discord server, fans have been given special roles within the server to help the development of each and every location.

Designers, Foremen, and Builders all allocate jobs to the people involved, where they can begin to piece together the latest Middle Earth city or structure. The server also allows for Adventurers and Commoners to build in their own allocated plot, which is earned through ranking up in their Discord server.

It's not just the Minecraft community that has taken the designs scripted by J. R. R. Tolkien and used them as inspiration for original landscapes. Over in the FPS genre, Riot Games' 2020 smash hit VALROANT also had The Battle of Helm's Deep from The Lord of the Rings in mind when making their newest map, Fracture. 

MCME could use a little bit of Gandalf's wizardry to finish off, where they can put their feet up and enjoy a nice pot of Miruvor.


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