Fans want surprising Minecraft crossover after Acti-Blizz deal

Fans want surprising Minecraft crossover after Acti-Blizz deal
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Joseph Kime


18th Jul 2023 14:20

Have we finished the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard talk yet? With all the news day in and day out when it comes to Microsoft's bold attempt to purchase gaming giant Activision Blizzard, it's been one hell of a slog. For casual gamers, it's easy to feel like we've consumed enough legal jargon to last a lifetime.

While we wish we didn't have to know what a CMA is, the deal chugs along and hopes to offer Xbox the best games that Acti-Blizz has to offer. Much like we've already seen Crash Bandicoot in Call of Duty, players are holding out hope for some fun crossovers.

Fans demand Warcraft (but the ‘craft' is from Minecraft)

It looks like fans are getting lost in some kind of delirium when it comes to watching and waiting for Xbox to buy Activision Blizzard, as they're now taking to Reddit to demand the appearance of some bizarre crossovers.

In one new post shared to the Gaming subreddit, user u/WorgRider has shared their hopes for a bold Warcraft crossover. Could a riveting collision between Warcraft and Minecraft really herald the future of these franchises?

It's obviously a joke, but let's pretend it wouldn't be a fun idea. After all, if Minecraft modders can build whole new worlds and change the game entirely, an unofficial crossover between the two might not be off the table.

If not, there's always a chance that a real collab between the two projects could actually happen. Look at what Fortnite has done by uniting Kratos and Master Chief, so never say never.

Fans respond to calls for Minecraft and Warcraft collab

Key art for the latest Minecraft update, featuring the new cherry blossom trees and Sniffer mobs.
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"There are now 4 factions in StarCraft," comments one user in response to the joke that could make for a legitimate request. "Terrans, Protoss, Zerg and… Steve."

Though the gag has inspired upvotes, others are using it as an opportunity to float concepts for new creations born from the deal. Some called for Warcraft 3 remastered, more Starcraft, and even the inspired suggestion to hand the Banjo-Kazooie reins to Crash Bandicoot revival experts, Toys for Bob.

It's fair enough, and frankly, it wouldn't be too far out of the question for these fan projects to come to life. Still, we'll especially take this new twist on the Warcraft formula by merging it with Minecraft

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