You Can Now Visit A Beautiful Medieval City In Minecraft

You Can Now Visit A Beautiful Medieval City In Minecraft
Aurelien_Sama | Mojang

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Jack Marsh


7th Mar 2022 16:52

It's no secret that Minecraft players are evolving into mass architects. From slapping your first tree and erecting a first four-by-four hut with a wonky roof, a single red bed, and a crafting table, the construction industry in Minecraft has evolved tenfold. Now the game is even building us a time machine to whisk us back to the medieval era.

The creativity of Minecraft has no boundaries, with limitless opportunities to create whichever realm you see fit, and fans have often poured endless hours into recreating worlds that captured their imaginations. With fantasy worlds such as Lord of the Rings providing great palettes for Minecraft worlds, fans have also looked towards Hogwarts Castle to use their magical building prowesses.

However, one group has now taken to a blank canvas to build a medieval city of their own, of which George R. R. Martin’s Bran the Builder would have been proud of.

Reddit Users Build Jaw-Dropping Unique Medieval Minecraft Metropolis

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Opting to build their monastery in survival mode amid all of the creepers and those stupid birds that attack you when you’ve not slept - like my mum - Reddit user Aurlien_Sama has done more than put a roof over Steve’s head. Instead, with a band of carpenters (for the building), engineers (for the Redstone reactors), and bards (for the vibes), the group took a bog-standard plain and built one of the most stunning medieval cities Minecraft has ever seen.

The City spares no detail, with harbours, watchtowers, and villages making it look like Game of Thrones' Kings Landing, the elven town of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings, and Skyrim's Solitude rolled into one block-by-block masterpiece. 

It’s all well and good just building a Clock Tower and a fountain around in the centre of a city, but this medieval city is more like an entire realm. Just in case a wild pack of orcs decided to descend on the city, the creators built up an incredible defence strategy, leaving the city impregnable. Self-made mountains, cavernous ravines, and a moat surround the realm, which also includes an entire farmland, a colossal Cathedral-esque, and a jaw-dropping castle for the royals to live in.

Impressively, the unique block metropolis is even crowned with a red, yellow, and black flag, which is waved across the city to mark their territory. 

Now that the city has been finished, it’s likely they’ll look towards the realm for some fun and games. We’ve already seen a Minecraft Squid Game server take the internet by storm, so maybe they can host a Kings’ nameday festival, allowing knights to joust, fair maidens to feast amongst royalty, and the army of Steve’s to populate taverns across the empire.


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