Someone Is Building Breath Of The Wild In Minecraft

Someone Is Building Breath Of The Wild In Minecraft
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18th Mar 2022 14:03

There's no denying that Breath of the Wild was a cultural phenomenon. The game pushed the boundaries not only of what fans thought could be possible in a The Legend of Zelda game, but also what could be done on the limited hardware of the Nintendo Switch - and even the Wii U. The game remains a huge deal, and is a highlight of both the Zelda series, and open worlds as a whole.

And now, one fan is paying homage with huge creativity, by entirely recreating it in a completely different game.

Fan Is Recreating Breath of the Wild In Minecraft

One player is taking on a task that seems like it's going to take up a lot of time,

A Legend of Zelda fan has taken it upon themselves to recreate the entirety of Breath of the Wild from the ground up in Minecraft.

Reddit user lg_cuber has committed to the project in a post to the game's subreddit, sharing that they've already started to recreate the Great Plateau.

The build is massive already, and even though they've only touched one area of the game's huge map, they've still got a long way to go. Even so, it looks phenomenal, and is about as close as we'll ever get to exploring the Great Plateau in any other game.

Fans React To Minecraft's Great Plateau

Minecraft Breath Of the Wild Mod
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Reddit lg_cuber | Mojang

Other Minecraft players have responded to the huge build, and are offering some encouraging messages to the player taking on the monumental task - and the original poster is giving updates as they go.

After one commenter asks if they're doing it alone, lg_cuber has said "I'm on my own right now, but I might enlist help at some point." So if you fancied getting involved with the project, the opportunity is there.

"Amazing myself with how well I'm remembering the starting area," comments TurboCadaver. "Even more amazing is that since I'm noticing the details it means you did a fantastic job recreating this, good job."


The build is going to take some time, but even so, it looks phenomenal so far. Here's hoping we can bag the world download when it's finally finished - probably in the 2030s.


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