The person who exposed Dream for cheating in Minecraft is a cheater, obviously

The person who exposed Dream for cheating in Minecraft is a cheater, obviously
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2nd Dec 2022 14:09

Cheating is universally reviled in gaming, but what happens when the person who accuses a high-profile speedrunner of cheating, also happens to be a cheater who's been doing said cheating for years? You get the Minecraft speedrunning community in the full sh*tshow that it is. 

Speedrunner who accused Dream of cheating is also a cheater

Back in 2021, huge Minecraft YouTuber Clayton "Dream" Huff was exposed for cheating in his various speedruns, some of which were held as official Minecraft speedrunning records. His initial reaction was to deny the accusations before admitting to cheating accidentally, and while many still resent him for it, he seems to have largely moved past it and basically pretends it never happened. 

However, in a shocking turn of events, the man who was perhaps most responsible for exposing Dream for faking his runs, MinecrAvenger, has now also been exposed as a frequent cheater. MincecrAvenger held a number of speedrunning records for the game, with some of them lasting for years, but a recent run caused a lot of suspicion amongst the community, leading to the revelation of his slimy behaviour. 

How did MinecrAvenger get caught cheating?

In a recent record-setting speedrun, MinecrAvenger received 769 obsidian blocks from 290 chests, an essential item for finishing the game and the run. However, the luck needed to get these items is about one in 28 billion, which started ringing alarm bells for much of the community. After this, players began to go back and investigate his runs more closely, revealing a number of times where he subtly cheated, and quite obviously cheated. 

One big example came from analysing the item drop rates in his world record run. A speedrunner named Feinberg made a detailed Twitter thread about this, detailing how some of the chests he opened contained impossible loot numbers and positions. People who went scanning back through his older videos also found examples of him cutting videos mid-run, and inconsistencies that suggested he'd spliced two runs together. 

MinecrAvenger responded to the cheating claims, appearing to deny them. "I got banned from because of impossible chests and too good obsidian rates based on a VOD of only 37 minutes." Though he does admit to editing the runs, saying, "the splice two years ago is true and I apologise for that to [the speedrunning community] and to you." 

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