Someone's Mashed Up Mario And Squid Game - The Results Are Disturbing

Someone's Mashed Up Mario And Squid Game - The Results Are Disturbing
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Tarran Stockton


11th Nov 2021 14:49

A Reddit user, who creates surreal digital art, has shared one of their newest pieces, mashing up Squid Game and Mario into one bloody mess.

What Is The Squid Game X Mario Art Piece?

Netflix's Squid Game has recently taken the planet by storm with its engrossing death game spectacle, relatable characters, and a narrative that explores class conflict. It's even spread throughout gaming, with gamers finding ways to recreate the phenomenon in Roblox, Rocket League, and Grand Theft Auto. Supposedly it even has its own game on the way. However, Mario is one of the last properties you'd expect the show to crossover with, but nevertheless one artist has taken it upon themselves to do so.

Reddit user u/The_Goop2526 makes digital art pieces, frequently posting them to r/Art, and r/Gaming when it's relevant. One of the latest pieces is titled 'SQUID PARTY' and features the titular character Mario surrounded by ShyGuys with guns, as the bodies of other Mario characters litter the floor. 

It's inspired by the second death game that features in Squid Game, where players must cut shapes out of honeycomb cookies before the time limit - with failure meaning imminent death. In the piece we can see the dead bodies of Luigi and Waluigi, as Mario licks a cookie and Princess Peach is hidden under a slide in the background. 

The contrast of seeing typically family-friendly characters in a high stakes game of life or death - with some of them already murdered by gunshot - makes for a wild scene. It goes to show how much Squid Game has infected popular media, and with a second season recently confirmed, who knows what crazy mash-ups we could see in the future. 

What Other Gaming Pieces Has The Artist Done?

Considering the quality of the 'SQUID PARTY' piece, it should come as no surprise that artist, The_Goop2526, has done plenty more gaming crossovers. Their most recent piece is called 'LUIGI WICK' and features our favourite plumber sidekick dressed as John Wick, stepping out of a beaten up car with a gun in hand - presumably to stick it to someone who harmed his Yoshi companion. 

Another recent piece depicts a Super Mario 64 and Kill Bill mashup, aptly named 'KILL BULLET BILL.' In it, we can see Princess Peach dressed in the Brides iconic yellow jumpsuit, ready to take on an entire clan of Koopas. 

Outside their gaming creations, the artist also makes surreal pieces, with a standout called 'The Man in the Beans.' The rest of their art can be checked out on their Reddit profile here.


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