Minecraft partners with BBC Earth for epic Planet Earth collab

Minecraft partners with BBC Earth for epic Planet Earth collab
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Joseph Kime


16th Jan 2024 16:00

Consistent updates have helped to keep Minecraft fresh over the years, and even though the mob vote at Minecraft Live caught a lot of flak and even incited resistance in the game's fanbase, the fact that there are still enough fans to form a revolt is impressive for a game with such humble beginnings.

Snapshots and updates just keep coming for Mojang's game, as though they'll never stop - and that's a reality we'll gladly accept from Minecraft. New ways to play and features keep things engaging, and the latest addition comes in the form of a crossover you might not have expected.

Minecraft's Planet Earth crossover lets you play as a shark

As part of a new collaboration between Minecraft Education and the BBC's Planet Earth III, a new map has come to Minecraft that will let you explore the natural world and bask in its glory. After the successes of the Frozen Planet II Minecraft Worlds, the new experience of Planet Earth III comes to the game.

The collab offers players the chance to explore the sprawling world as a great white shark, arctic wolf, leopardess, and more after they kick off their journey at the Planet Earth III Field Station. You'll choose your biomes and explore, finding yourself in new adventures along the way.

"We are delighted to partner with Minecraft Education and that children globally will have the opportunity to interact with stories inspired by the Planet Earth III series through immersive gameplay while learning more about our fragile natural world and the creatures we share this planet with,” says Planet Earth Producer Matt Brandon. 

How can I play Minecraft Planet Earth?

Three Impalas in the Sahara in Minecraft planet Earth III.
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Even if the showrunner of Planet Earth thinks this is just for kids, we know differently and that you're looking for the chance to explore the wilderness yourself. The map launched today (January 16), and is free for you to download in the launcher of Minecraft Education and in the Minecraft Marketplace for console users.

It might be a little unexpected for the BBC to get involved with Minecraft, but considering the topics covered in Planet Earth, it actually makes total sense. Practice your best David Attenborough impression and we'll see you in the wilderness.

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