Jason Momoa Is Set To Lead The Minecraft Movie

Jason Momoa Is Set To Lead The Minecraft Movie
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Joseph Kime


19th Apr 2022 10:16

Video game movies have been crushing it at the moment, and it looks like Hollywood is taking notes.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 just debuted to a huge box office return, and after the surprising success of Uncharted, it looks like Tinsel Town has its eyes set on a few more properties to bring to the big screen to make the most of the modern boom.

Minecraft is probably a reasonable shout, but it has had a film adaptation in the works for some time, with directors coming and going, with the film failing to materialise.

But now, the film has found its star and director.

Jason Momoa To Star In The Minecraft Movie

Jason Momoa Is Set To Lead The Minecraft Movie
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Warner Bros

Okay, so brace yourselves for the most bizarre gaming news of the year so far - Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, is reportedly set to lead the Minecraft movie, which has now been revealed to be a live-action adaption.

He's in "final negotiations" to star in the role according to the likes of The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, though the film's release date is still being kept under wraps, so the film could yet be a long way off.

The film is set to be directed by the filmmaker behind Napoleon Dynamite, Jared Hess, after a lot of directing drama behind the scenes. The news is bizarre, to say the least, and the suggestion that the film will be made in live-action is curious considering the game is most commonly associated with its procedurally generated block look.

The Minecraft Movie Has Had A Troubled Past

Jason Momoa Is Set To Lead The Minecraft Movie
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The Minecraft movie was first set to be made back in 2014, with Free Guy's Shawn Levy reportedly attached to direct - but then, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Mythic Quest's Rob McElhenney was confirmed for the project in 2016, with a 2019 release date.

But, McElhenney dropped out in 2018, delaying the film with nothing to be heard since. The film entered limbo, and it looks like it's about to leave it.

There's no telling what a live-action Minecraft movie will look like, with Jason Momoa front and centre no less. It's going to be a weird one - and we're not sure we're ready for it.


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