Minecraft adds adorable new mob, fans body-shame it

Minecraft adds adorable new mob, fans body-shame it

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Joseph Kime


14th Dec 2023 15:59

The Minecraft community seems a little bit hurt right now.

After Mojang insisted upon another mob vote for the game, fans decided to band together to boycott the vote, claiming that Mojang shouldn’t be succumbing to laziness by creating three great mobs and only giving us one of them.

The industrial action was a huge deal in the game’s community, and when their protests went entirely unacknowledged by Mojang at Minecraft Live, fans felt immediately deflated, as though their hard work trying to help the game’s team see that more was possible was in vain.

Now, though, as the game trundles on, it seems that bitterness has seeped in for good, as one new mob has arrived to fill the gaps - and players are really ragging on it.

Minecraft adds the Armadillo

A hill covered in Armadillo in Minecraft.
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Minecraft may not be listening to fans when it comes to mob votes, but it’s still making an effort to see new creatures added to the game. Their most recent application of this comes in the form of the Armadillo, the winner of the 2023 mob vote, and it has just been revealed to have entered testing.

The creature, as promised by the mob vote, drops scutes, a brand new material that players can use to craft armour for their wolves, making them much more viable for long-term adventuring.

The animal has appeared in a new beta that players can download and poke around in, as well as coming with the brand-new wolf armour - but some fans have a scute to pick with the baby creature first.

Fans think the Armadillo is ugly

Please put the eyes back on the sides of the face
byu/ElisibethRC inMinecraft

In an act of either bitterness over the mob vote or just plain nastiness, players have taken to Reddit to complain that the armadillo is ugly, shaming the poor fellow for his front-facing eyes.

"Man look like a fat skinwalker,” reads one particularly cutting comment, and as they continue to roll in, it’s clear that fans aren’t taking to the new mob nicely.

"In my opinion, the armadillo looks really ugly with its eyes on the front of the face rather than on the sides. It looks so wrong," the original poster added, receiving a lot of support with the statement.

It could be residual sourness from the mob vote, but either way, the Armadillo isn’t getting much love right now. Don’t worry, little guy - they’ll warm to you in time.

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