Marvel's Spider-Man Turns Peter Parker Into A Murderer

Marvel's Spider-Man Turns Peter Parker Into A Murderer
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Tom Chapman


1st Sep 2022 11:25

As the Ten Commandments tell us, "Thou shalt not kill" - well you try telling that to supposed superheroes. From Captain America to Iron Man, the heroes of Marvel have racked up quite the number of kills. There's always been one good apple among the bunch, as Peter Parker (usually) has a rule not to kill. Well, unless you're playing Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered.

There are few heroes out there in Marvel or DC that have a no-kill rule, but just like Batman, Spidey tries to steer clear from casualties. It's much the same in Insomniac's 2018 game, and even if you pummel Kingpin's goons off the side of a building, your webs will automatically zip out and pull them to safety. 

How Can You Kill People In Spider-Man?

As we swing from the rooftops in the PC port of the former PlayStation exclusive, modders have been assembling their own Sinister Six of mods to mix things up. We'll admit that this one isn't quite as twisted as the one that let you play as Uncle Ben's gravestone, but it's still not one for kids.

YouTuber and modder jedijosh920 has a video showing a Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered mod that disables Spidey's web bombs that catch enemies who fall off roofs. Taking it one step further, they crash to the floor with a sickening crunch as Spider-Man watches on with gruesome glee. Players were rightly confused by the mod, but we're here for it.

Responding to the video, one wrote: "This works perfectly for symbiote spider man. Definitely giving this an install. I was actually requesting this before, it looks like my prayers have been answered. Thanks for this dude." Another added, "Spider-man went full Homelander, especially with the crowd cheering him on next to the lifeless body of a random criminal." Someone else pointed out that we should be able to save criminals of our own accord because that's what Spider-Man would actually do. 


What Other Mods Are There In Spider-Man?

Sadly, not every mod is just a bit of fun killing nameless grunts. When one modder created a homophobic mod that removed all Pride flags from the game, Nexus Mods went on the rampage and warned that any kind of similar mod, in any game, will lead to your account being banned. Someone previously removed all gay marriage options from Skyrim, and unfortunately, there are more of this kind of mod out there than you'd like to imagine. 

We've covered some pretty unusual mods like swapping out Peter for Kingpin or even the legendary Stan Lee, but our favourite is a relatively new one that turns the wall-crawling hero into Kermit... yes, that Kermit. Leaping around the New York City skyline like you're on a lily pad, there's something about playing as the green mascot of The Muppets that just works. Now, picture the scene of killing enemies as Kermit!

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