Skyrim Modder Tackles Homophobia By Making Everyone Gay

Skyrim Modder Tackles Homophobia By Making Everyone Gay

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Tom Chapman


10th Jan 2022 12:34

The Dragonborn is waving the rainbow flag in Tamriel, as someone has tackled a wave of homophobia in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in hilarious fashion.

Sexuality and Skyrim has never been a big deal, with your character able to marry anyone of any gender, however, this clearly rattled one player - who went out of their way to make a mod that removed all LGBTQ+ character options. Aww, how generous of them. Thankfully, someone has gone completely the other way with a more inclusive mod. 

What Is The Gay Skyrim Mod?

As we happily Grindr our way through Tamriel, a homophobic mod aimed to rid Skyrim of same-sex relationships appeared on Nexus Mods. Taking this mantra and sprinkling it with glitter, Crithion's "Only Same Sex Marriage" makes every relationship-able NPC gay. 

At the time of writing, all of these mods (gay and anti-gay) have been removed, but it took a while. Worringly, the author of the homophobic mod is also responsible for the "More Racism in Windhelm - improvements" mod and the suitably sexist "Grounded Skyrim mod". If you were wondering what that's one about, it's about women staying at home to "support" their families here you go:

"This mod aims to rectify that by removing most (if not all) women from leveled lists in many instances to offer a heightened sense of immersion and not leave you wondering so often as to why something is the way it is in-game."

Is Homophobia A Problem In Skyrim?

Responding to the idea of a mod that removes all traces of gay romance, Reddit was annoyed but not exactly surprised. Someone said, "Personally I find these mods bizarrely unnecessary and distasteful. But I mean, just don't install them. I also have a feeling they're not exactly going to be at the top of the most downloaded lists."

There were already complaints that Skyrim wasn't exactly a gay pride parade. The only overtly gay couple is Hrodulf and Bjornolfr, and when you find them, they're dead. Even then, it was more of an Easter egg hunt to figure out their romance. We expect the eventual release of The Elder Scrolls 6 will include more gay storylines. 

While the "Only Same Sex Marriage" was up on NexusMods, it quickly overtook the homophobic one, so we guess that's a small win. If you want to represent the community, others have suggested there's the Attraction mod that lets you choose your sexual orientation.

Typically, The Elder Scrolls is pretty good for diversity and preventing homophobia. Sadly, 10 years after Skyrim released, it's clear a small minority have a problem with LGBTQ+ representation. It seems a bit ludicrous that you can marry a humanoid cat, and yet, someone found a problem with same-sex marriages. Come on guys, it's 2022. 


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