Tower Of Fantasy: Where To Find The Sandworm

Tower Of Fantasy: Where To Find The Sandworm
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7th Sep 2022 14:50

If you want to know where to find Sandworm in Tower of Fantasy, then you are in the right place. Sandworm is an Elite enemy in Tower of Fantasy whom you can find around the beaches of Aesperia. You can kill Sandworms to unlock achievements while getting ingredients like Fatty Cuts and other drops. Keep reading our where to find Sandworm in Tower of Fantasy guide for more details. 

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Tower Of Fantasy Sandworm Location

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The Sandworm is one of the elite enemies in Tower of Fantasy, whom players can find alongside the beaches of the Banges and other regions. The best location where you are guaranteed to find a Sandworm is the beach right of Mt. Woochu Spacerift. Meanwhile, you will discover Mt. Woochu Spacerift south of the Banges region. 

To ensure your time is not wasted on finding the Sandworm, here is a Tower of Fantasy map screenshot with the exact location where you will find a Sandworm elite enemy. 

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Go to the player icon location to find the Sandworm in Tower of Fantasy. If the Sandworm is not there, please wait for a few minutes, and it will spawn. Since Tower of Fantasy has a shared world, multiple players play on the same channels. There are instances when some other players kill the Sandworm right before players arrive, and because of that, players cannot spawn the Sandworm as soon as they reach the location. 

How To Farm Sandworm In Tower Of Fantasy

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Thankfully! You don't have to go to different locations to farm Sandworms to get Fatty Cuts and other materials. Stay at the above-shared site, and the Sandworm will respawn after a minute or so once killed. This way, you can farm the drops from Sandworms without wasting your time traveling from one location to another. 

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Another trick that can save you time in finding or farming Sandworms in Tower of Fantasy is by changing Channels. Go to the above-shared location and kill the Sandworm. If you don't want to wait until Sandworm spawns again, change your Channel using the Channel option on the left side, right above the mini-map. 

This concludes our guide on where to find Sandworm in Tower of Fantasy. For more on Tower of Fantasy guides, be sure to keep reading GGRecon.

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