How to find Black Truffle in Tower of Fantasy

How to find Black Truffle in Tower of Fantasy
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23rd Dec 2022 16:53

Black Truffle is a rare cooking ingredient in Tower of Fantasy, used to make the Truffle Fried Rice recipe. To learn where you can harvest Black Truffle in your Tower of Fantasy game, read here.

Where can you get Black Truffles in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy: Black Truffle Locations
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Black Truffles are rare mushrooms that can only be found within the Warren Snowfield region, as shown on the map above. Eating Black Truffles alone can restore 4 Satiety and up to 7% plus 15,000 HP. They are a rare resource as they can only be found within Warren, a heavily radiated region that will require extensive story progression to get to. Within the region, you can find groups of Black Truffles inside circular craters in the snow. Although small and difficult to see, they should glimmer when approached.

Once you have access to Black Truffles, they can be cooked at a cooking station to create Truffle Fried Rice, a dish that can regenerate 20 Satiety and increase Physical Attack by 2% and Physical Attack by 150 for 20 minutes.

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