Tower of Fantasy Black Stone Tower: How To Unlock

Tower of Fantasy Black Stone Tower: How To Unlock
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5th Jan 2023 17:17

The Black Stone Tower is an area within the Tower of Fantasy Confounding Abyss map. The Confounding Abyss in Tower of Fantasy is a labyrinth of floating platforms set amongst a dark and foggy backdrop. To get to the Black Stone Tower and unlock it, you'll need to use your glider to get across the different platforms and find the four modules. Activating these modules will open the tower and allow you to progress through the third level of the Abyss. To find out more, read on.

Tower of Fantasy Black Stone Tower: Module Locations

Tower of Fantasy Module Locations
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The map above highlights where each module can be located. Once you interact with all four modules you can gain access to the Black Stone Tower. You'll need to glide between platforms and boost your character to prevent them from falling into the abyss. The modules look like floating spheres, simply interact with them to get them to shift and unlock.

Now you have the map fully unlocked you'll need to reach level three of the abyss. To progress further you must fight the Abyssant Boss, Harrah at the Black Stone Ritual Grounds.

Harrah is a tough world boss with two fight phases, the first is more stationary as she is slowed down by a big bulky body. The second features only her decapitated head but this can grow swords and spin in lethal spinning attacks. She is proficient in Frost attacks so try to avoid her red spike attacks as these will inflict frost damage. Once defeated, the floor will break open and take you down to the lower abyss level, where you will have to swim to shore to progress further.

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