Tower Of Fantasy Rapid Repair Device Locations

Tower Of Fantasy Rapid Repair Device Locations
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18th Nov 2022 17:44

Rapid Repair Devices are located on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy. These items are used during the 'Transmission Device Component Failure' quest in Tower of Fantasy, you'll need three to complete the first stage. Below we'll outline all three locations to get the Rapid Repair Devices.

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How To Get A Rapid Repair Device Tower Of Fantasy
Tower Of Fantasy: How To Collect Fireflies
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Follow the locations outlined below. When you are at the designated areas, you'll need to head inside the metal sphere shipyards. As you get closer to the spherical metal structures, a thick fog will grow around you, making it difficult to see the abandoned boats nearby.

To progress the quest, you'll need to collect three fireflies, these look like golden clouds and are often at the head of broken-down boats in the shipyard.

Once you have collected three fireflies at the location, you must activate three fog-repellent lights with them. To do so, find the lamps and interact with them, they appear as oil gas lamps usually resting on top of the most central boat. Once you have lit all three you will be given a Black Nucleus and a Rapid Repair Device. Repeat this process for all three locations indicated below.

Tower Of Fantasy Rapid Repair Device Locations

Tower Of Fantasy: metal shipyard
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The following are all three locations where you can find the metal structures, collect the fireflies, and light the fog lights in return for a Black Nucleus and Rapid Repair Device. The fireflies are usually located on top of three smaller boats scattered around the inner circle of the structure. The three lamps are usually located on the bigger, central ship in each location.

Rapid Repair Device One

Tower Of Fantasy: Rapid Repair Device One
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All three locations are within the Artificial Island map. The first location is east of Broken Tooth Island.

Rapid Repair Device Two

Tower of Fantasy: Rapid Repair Device Two
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Rapid Repair Device Two can be found directly south of the Stranded Remains and southeast of Pavilion Beach.

Rapid Repair Device Three

Tower Of Fantasy: Rapid Repair Device Three
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Rapid Repair Device Three is located directly east of the Island of Pins, north of the Deserted Water Treatment Plant.

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