How to find a Big Rat in Tower of Fantasy

How to find a Big Rat in Tower of Fantasy
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16th Dec 2022 14:27

Tower of Fantasy offered new achievements with the release of its Artificial Island update. One such Tower of Fantasy achievement offers players the chance to defeat all Big Rats on the Artificial Island map. To get all the Big Rat locations and complete the challenge read here.

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Where can you find a Big Rat in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower Of Fantasy: All Big Rat Spawn Spots
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The Big Rat enemy (full name - Type S12 Security Droid Big Rat) is level 70 and has a chance to spawn in random locations on the Artificial Island map. That being said, the following locations have a higher likelihood of spawning a Big Rat Droid (see the map above for reference):

  • West of Eyrie in a stronghold
  • Contained in the stronghold across the river from the Sea Gate Passage
  • Contained in the stronghold in the Mine Base area
  • Near a stronghold in the center of the Rusty Iron Camp
  • The stronghold southwest of the Ring Arena

How to defeat a Big Rat

As a level 70 enemy, the Big Rat Droid isn’t as simple to tackle as its name might suggest. With thick armor and a large health bar, the Big Rat is weak to fire damage, so fire weapons are preferable when taking the beast on. Try to use long-range weapons and keep a distance as the Big Rat doesn’t have any ranged weapon attacks. You can effectively take the enemy down by moving, dodging, and being aggressive with attacks where you have an opening.

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