Tower Of Fantasy Crispy Chicken Burger: How To Make

Tower Of Fantasy Crispy Chicken Burger: How To Make
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16th Dec 2022 15:29

The Crispy Chicken Burger in Tower of Fantasy is one of many recipes you can make at a cooking station for various buffs and satiety recovery. To learn how to make the Crispy Chicken Burger in Tower of Fantasy, read here.

Tower Of Fantasy: Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe

Where to get the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Tower Of Fantasy
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Before you make the Crispy Chicken Burger in Tower of Fantasy, you'll need to unlock the recipe. The recipe can be purchased from Margarette at Banges Dock for 1,000 gold. Her shop is stationed on the upper level of Banges Dock, underneath a yellow neon 'Fried Chicken' sign. Now, you can cook the dish at any available cooking station in the world. Simply interact with a cooking pot and click on the 'Creation' tab. Next, add the following ingredients to the pot:

  • Homi Grain you can forage for grain in the grasslands of Astra and Banges
  • Poultry Meat – this is dropped from hunting birds in the wild
  • Lettuce – you can forage for lettuce throughout Astra.

The more of each ingredient you add, the higher the likelihood of the dish being created until you know the dish well enough to replicate it. The green percentage marker on the right indicates how likely it is that the dish will be created.

Once created and eaten, the Crispy Chicken Burger can restore seven satiety and 12% plus 3,300 HP to the player, making it an easy recipe to make and an effective tool for HP recovery.

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