Tower Of Fantasy Childlike Innocence Event Rewards And How To Join

Tower Of Fantasy Childlike Innocence Event Rewards And How To Join
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17th Nov 2022 17:37

The Tower of Fantasy Childlike Innocence Event is a new event themed around smart companion Mi-a. To participate in the Tower of Fantasy event, you must earn a special currency and exchange it for prizes. The event lasts from November 16 to November 22 so read on for information on how to join.

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Tower Of Fantasy Childlike Innocence Event: How To Join

Tower Of Fantasy: How To Redeem The Mi-a Quick Chat Voice Pack
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To take part in the event, players must have completed the tutorial chapter of the game far enough to unlock the Rewards Store. Additionally, to claim Mi-a's Special Voice Pack from the rewards store you must first accept Mi-a's Quick Chat Voice Pack. This can be found in your mail from Hotta Studio.

To join, simply navigate to the event page by following these steps: ALT > Gift Box Icon (top left) > Themed Event (bottom tab).

From this screen, you can also access the special rewards store (Toy Store) in which you can trade currency earnt during the event for prizes. The currency is Bubbles, you can earn these by completing activities such as:

  • Bounty Missions (10 Bubbles)
  • Raids (10 Bubbles on Normal, 20 on Hard level)
  • Opening Boss Chests (15 Bubbles per purple chest and 2 Bubbles per blue chest)
  • Void Rift (20 Bubbles)
  • Frontier Clash (5 Bubbles for the normal mode or 10 Bubbles for hard)
  • Joint Operations (10 Bubbles per chest)

Tower Of Fantasy Childlike Innocence Event Rewards

Tower of Fantasy Toy Store
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You can exchange Bubbles earnt at the Toy Store for a range of rewards. Bubbles are capped initially; you can only earn 400 Bubbles on your first day of the event and 400 more every day thereafter for a maximum total of 2,000 Bubbles per player. The rewards store holds items such as:

  • Red Nucleus x3
  • Joint Supply Chip I x3
  • Starry Glasses
    Naughty Trails Avatar Frame
  • Floating Paradise Avatar Frame
  • Mi-s's Children's Day Voice Pack
  • Elemental Ore Shard Box
  • SR Relic Shard Box x20
  • Grayspace Scriptures (must be Wanderer Level 74+)


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