Tower Of Fantasy Lin Release Date

Tower Of Fantasy Lin Release Date
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17th Nov 2022 17:24

Lin is an SSR Simulacra character in Tower of Fantasy, due to release soon for players who want to recruit her. To learn when Lin will be released globally in Tower of Fantasy and how to get her for yourself, read here.

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Tower Of Fantasy: Lin's Release Date

Lin will release globally on November 22 on a special order for players to exchange for. Lin is a new character who arrived with the Vera update. She is the Archon of the capital city Mirroria and along with her duties to the city, she is also in charge of her young ward Ruby.

Tower Of Fantasy: Lin's Abilities

Tower Of Fantasy Lin
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Lin's special weapon is a fan called Shadoweave which delivers an explosive AOE after marking a target. Shadoweave is the first weapon of the game to feature the Altered element and has the base stats of 16 to Attack, 1010 HP and 12 Critical. Like most Tower of Fantasy weapons, players can perform chained attacks in groups of five as well as mid-air attacks and strikes after talking the dodge movement for increased damage. Shadoweave additionally has these special features:

  • Moonlight Realm – This creates a force field around Lin for 15 seconds. When within the mini realm Lin gains a 10% increase in damage, reduces stamina consumption by 50% and is provided multiple double jump opportunities. Falling speed is also reduced and Nightblooms will have a chance to spawn in the area. Nightblooms cause explosive AOE damage and are summoned every 0.8 seconds when this mode is activated for a maximum of three Nitghtblooms per Moonlight Realm. When Lin is partnered with two of each kind of elemental weapon, the Moonlight Realm takes on the element equipped for added damage.
  • Gravity Weave – Once Shadoweave is fully charged or triggers Phantasia, switching to it during combat will release a force field which delivers damage equal to 524% of attack plus 29. The gravity field then explodes into a wave dealing additional damage.


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Tower Of Fantasy Lin: Best Gifts

Tower Of Fantasy Lin
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If you're currently trying to build a relationship with Lin, these are the best gifts to gift her:

Purple Gifts (+80 Points)

  • Ultimate Warrior Otter
  • Banges Speciality
  • Angela Ornament
  • Metal Alf Figurine
  • Limited Peanut Figurine
  • Music Box
  • Snow Globe
  • Silver Cookware
  • School Idol Albis

Blue Gifts (+30 Points)

  • Mirroria Toy Bricks
  • Tool Set
  • Rabbit Throw Pillow
  • New Kalka Ornament
  • Tartarus Ornament

Green Gifts (+15 Points)

  • Dumbbells
  • Moonflower Ornament
  • Flower Bouquet
  • Mini Potted Plant
  • Nice Picture Frame


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