Tower Of Fantasy Alyss Abilities, Release Date, And More

Tower Of Fantasy Alyss Abilities, Release Date, And More
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Tower of Fantasy's next major update, Amidst Miasma, is right around the corner and is set to bring new character called Alyss to the game. With that, Tower of Fantasy players are eager to learn about the abilities of the upcoming Simulacra, Alyss. But what is the release date of the new update, how will players unlock Alyss, and what other details do we know? Keep reading this Tower of Fantasy guide that explains everything.  

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Tower Of Fantasy Alyss Abilities

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Here are Alyss's Normal, Dodge, Discharge, and other abilities, along with a detailed description based on the CN release. 

Ability  Type Description How To Use
Swan Arch Normal

While on the ground, attack five times with Immortal Wings.

  • 101.3% of ATK + 5 and small knockback.

  • 107.3% of ATK + 6 and big knockback

  • 116.4% of ATK + 6 and small knockback.

  • 141.8% of ATK + 7 and suspend the target.

  • 241.5% of ATK + 13 and launch the target.

You can use Swan Arch by pressing the attack button five times. 
Flying Wing Combo Normal

While in the air, attack five times, consuming stamina.

  • 72.1% of ATK + 4.

  • 65.6% of ATK + 3.

  • 115.8% of ATK + 6.

  • 131.1% of ATK + 7.

  • 343.9% of ATK + 18 to the target and knock them down.

You can use Flying Wing Combo by pressing the jump button and then the attack button five times when you are in mid-air.
Flash Dance Normal 

While using Swan Arc, press and hold the basic attack button to gather targets and deal 506.5% of ATK + 27 damage, with the last hit strongly suspending targets and dealing 95% of ATK + 5 damage.

Passive: After successfully performing any weapon skill or entering Latent Configuration for 4 seconds, become immune to damage during the next Flash Dance

You can use Flash Dance by pressing and holding the attack button while Swan Arch is active. 
Sweeping Dive  Normal  Hold attack while in the air (when there is a valid target), climbing, reverse jump attacking, or gliding to trigger a plunge attack that consumes stamina. During the descent, each hit deals 95% of ATK + 5 damage to targets. You can use Sweeping Dive by holding the attack button while in mid-air. 
Waltz  Normal Press and hold basic attack to spin, dealing 167.2% of ATK + 9 damage, gaining immunity to control effects while consuming stamina. The last hit will deal 190% of ATK + 10 damage. You can use Waltz by pressing and holding the attack button. 
Dancer Form  Dodge After a backward dodge, attack three times to deal up to 958% of ATK +50, with the first hit strongly suspending targets. You can perform the Dancer Form ability by pressing the Dodge button and then the attack button three times. 
Latent Configuration Dodge Press and hold dodge to enter the Latent Configuration, continuously consuming stamina and increasing movement speed by 50%. While inside the Cold Field, increase movement speed by 50%. When you leave the transformation, deal 492.1% of ATK + 26 damage and freeze enemies for 2 seconds. You can perform Latent Configuration by pressing and holding the dodge button and then pressing the attack button when ready to unleash an attack.
Dodge Dodge Dodge right before getting hit to trigger a Phantasia, cooldown 15 seconds, reducing the speed of enemies within an area. Become immune to hit stun for 0.5 seconds while dodging. Press the dodge button right before getting hit with an incoming attack. 
Cold Field Skill

Pull in nearby enemies and deal 982.5% of ATK + 52 damage and strongly suspend enemies, cooldown 25 seconds. Enter a Cold Field for 30 seconds and gain immunity to control effects while casting the skill.

Passive: Using a Frost weapon's discharge skill in the Cold Field deals 262.1% of ATK + 14 Frostbite damage and slow targets for 2 seconds (does not apply to bosses). In the field, Immortal Wings' basic and charged attacks will create a Space Fracture every 12 hits, dealing 270% of ATK + 14 damage 1 time to targets in the area every 2 seconds, for 25 seconds (will stop when the Field disappears).

You can perform Cold Field by pressing the respective Skill button. [On PC, you can perform a skill by pressing the '1' key]
Night of the White Star Skill When the weapon charge is full, or Phantasia is triggered, switch to this weapon to clear all debuffs from the user and deal 727.9% of ATK + 38 damage and strongly suspend the target. During the discharge animation, become immune to damage for 2.6 seconds (does not take effect in Apex League). Alyss's main ability that you can perform by switching to her during Phantasia or when the weapon charge is full. 

If you want to check out Alyss's abilities in action, here is her official showcase video.

Tower Of Fantasy Alyss Release Date

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Alyss will debut with the upcoming Tower of Fantasy major update going live on February 2, 2023.

Tower of Fantasy's upcoming update, version 2.3, is titled Amidst Miasma. It will add a brand new area called Miasmic Swamp along with other content in the form of new bosses, Jormungan and Eva, events, activities, mobs, items, and much more. 

How To Get Alyss In Tower Of Fantasy

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You can obtain Alyss's "Unyielding Wing" by performing gacha pulls on her banner via the Special Order section once the Tower of Fantasy 2.3 update is live. 

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Once you get Unyielding Wing via the game's gacha, follow the below steps to switch to Alyss:

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  • Open the Pause Menu 
  • Select Simulacra option 
  • Navigate to the Simulacra tab and select Alyss
  • Click on Activate

Doing so will let you use Alyss's appearance. Meanwhile, to use her signature weapon, equip the Unyielding Wing through the Weapons section found in the Simulacra menu.

That concludes our guide on Tower of Fantasy Alyss's abilities, release date, and more. For more on Tower of Fantasy, keep reading GGRecon. 

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