Tower Of Fantasy 2.3 Update Release Date, Trailers, And More

Tower Of Fantasy 2.3 Update Release Date, Trailers, And More
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19th Jan 2023 14:18

Tower of Fantasy is due to receive update 2.3 on February 2 adding onto the last big Vera expansion which introduced the Vera map and Mirroria capital city. The Tower of Fantasy 2.3 update has brought with it yet another map in the Vera realm as well as new enemies, the next main story chapter, and more. For a full list of everything included in the new Tower of Fantasy 2.3 update, read here.

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Tower Of Fantasy 2.3 Update Trailer

Tower Of Fantasy 2.3 Update Release Date

Tower of Fantasy Miasmal Swamp region
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Due to release on February 2, the new update is called 'Wandering Amidst Miasma' and introduces the new Miasmal Swamp map. This swamp region is a welcome addition to the desert areas and cyberpunk city of Mirroria and adds more distinct biomes to the Vera region.

With the Miasmal Swamp map comes new dangers and enemies, the biome has tropical and foggy weather and high-levelled critters meaning exploration will be targeted to experienced players. However, it is possible to skip ahead of the story and explore Vera without finishing the main chapters if you wish to do so.

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What's In The Tower Of Fantasy 2.3 Update?

Tower of Fantasy: Lin and Umi
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Beyond the new area, the update will continue with the main story chapters and explore the mystery of the Hive Mother who is currently caged. The trailer shows a mystery regarding one of the outposts that have lost communication.

Under Lin's wing, you must investigate the outpost and delve deeper into the mysteries of the Miasmal Swamp. Other characters receive coverage including Umi and Rubilia who is seen floating in a tank communing with the Hive Mother in the trailer.

Rubilia featured in the confounding abyss and was a researcher who fused her essence with the Grayspace Entities thus creating a genetic template for Ruby to be made. As such, players are wondering if the next story chapter will include interactions between the two as Rublia technically created Ruby.

Along with new story content, the update will feature the following additions to the game:

  • Miasmal Swamp region
  • Two new bosses, Jormungan and Eva. Both have two phases of attack, Jormungan wields a claymore whilst Eva uses spinning volt attacks.
  • Three new challenge modes, Carnival Party, (in which players will battle against a band which utilises vocal and musical attacks) In Pursuit of Fate (a battle mode using racing cars) and Origins of War (a multiplayer tower scaling challenge).
  • Promotional art featuring Umi, Fenrir and Alyss. With the possibility of these being on new character banners with the update launch.


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