Tower of Fantasy Frigg: Release Date, Gifts, Weapon Effects And More

Tower of Fantasy Frigg: Release Date, Gifts, Weapon Effects And More
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29th Aug 2022 12:42

Frigg is the next SSR character to drop on a Tower of Fantasy Special Order. Frigg is the mysterious elite soldier for the Heirs of Aida in Tower of Fantasy, with a knack for getting in the Wanderer's way. For more information on Frigg and her release date, read here.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg Release Date

Frigg is scheduled to debut on September 1st, 2022. Previously only available in the Chinese version of the game, she will now be available to collect globally, replacing SSR Simulacrum Nemesis.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg: Weapon Attacks And Effects

Frigg's unique weapon is an ice katana named Balmung with the attack resonance type. Balmung also has an A-tier rating for Shatter and Charge abilities, with a score of 8.00 for both. Balmung has the following attacks and effects:

Attack Effect

Ice Shell

As an Ice Shell weapon, Balmung can freeze a target for two seconds when fully charged and leave a frostbitten effect on them for an additional six seconds (whilst frostbitten the enemy's weapon charge is reduced by half). If the ice shell is broken, an additional 151% damage is inflicted.

Fimbulwinter Skill

This is Balmungs special attack, a high arcing attack that can both suspend and propel enemies in mid-air. The skill has a 30-second cooldown rate in which time it will emit an ice field for 25 seconds. Within the field, ice attack is increased by 15% and shatter is increased by 25%.

Normal Attack

The normal attack rate is five sequential attacks which deal further damage when chained. Starting damage is 62.1% of ATK and a plus three to target knockback.

Aerial Discharge

These are attacks dealt in mid-jump, these can be chained up to five times for additional damage and effects. The base attack rate is 64.4% of ATK plus three.

Soaring Slash

Hold down attack to perform a soaring slash which lunges the player forward and deals 134.3% ATK plus seven damage to targets in mid-air.

Helix Slash

While falling you can deal damage equal to 19.8% of ATK plus 1. Once landed, deal a further 185.7% damage plus 10. To initiate this attack, hold a normal attack whilst in mid-air, climbing, jumping or using the jetpack.

Frigid Fracture

A large sweeping slash to nearby targets that deals 618.2% attack damage plus 33 and propels enemies into the air. This is triggered when the weapon is fully charged and additionally clears all debuffs from the Wanderer.


Tower of Fantasy: Frigg Awakening Traits

Tower of Fantasy Frigg
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To 'Awaken' Frigg and unlock extra abilities, you must earn awakening points by gifting her some of her favourite items. The following abilities are earnt through the Awakening process:

  • 1200 points – Frost attack is increased by 1.5% for every three seconds in combat. This lasts for five seconds and can stack up to ten times.
  • 4000 points – Frost attack is increased by 2.4% every three seconds in combat. This increase lasts for five seconds and can stack up to ten times. Frigg also gains hyperbody which means she will be immune to crowd control effects for the duration within the Frost Domain.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg: Best Gifts

Tower of Fantasy, Frigg in-game
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The following are the best gifts to give to Frigg to earn Awakening points:

Purple Gifts (+60 Awakening Points)

  • Aida Comic
  • Banges Specialty
  • Angela Ornament
  • Music Box
  • Limited Peanut Figurine
  • Silver Cookware

Blue Gifts (+30 Awakening Points)

  • Vitamin Pack
  • Tailor-Made Suit
  • Tool Set
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Strange Fragment

Green Gifts (+15 Awakening Points)

  • Flower Bouquet
  • Dumbbells
  • Wool Scarf

Tower of Fantasy Frigg: How To Get

Tower of Fantasy, Frigg in combat
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Frigg will appear on the next Limited Order Simulacrum banner, replacing Nemesis who is currently available to collect on the Rebirth of Clemency Special Order banner. Limited Orders require the Red Nuclei currency to spend, which can be purchased from the Storefront in return for Dark Crystals or Tanium (which is purchased with real-world money).

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