Tower of Fantasy Special Orders and Currencies Explained

Tower of Fantasy Special Orders and Currencies Explained
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12th Aug 2022 17:18

As with other gacha games, Tower of Fantasy has many various currencies that each go towards buying banners, or 'Special Orders'. To learn which Tower of Fantasy Special Orders you wish to save for, and which currencies you'll need to do so, read here.

Tower of Fantasy Currency Types

Tower of Fantasy: currency store
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The following are all the currency types in the game, how you can get them and what they're used for.

Currency Type

How To Get

Where to Spend

Dark Crystals


Purchase from Store.

Redeemable for items in the store.



Purchase from the store using real-world money

Tanium can be used to purchase special packs in the store containing other currencies such as Red Nuclei, Dark Crystals and Overclocking Chips.

Gold Nucleus


  • Bounty Missions
  • World Exploration
  • Purchased from the Storefront in return for Dark Crystals or Tanium.
  • Story Rewards
  • Clotho Supply Pod

Used to buy weapons from the Gold Nucleus Cache. (Weapons banner)

Red Nucleus

Purchased from the Storefront in return for Dark Crystals or Tanium.

These are used to buy a Special Order (Rebirth of Clemency).


Black Nucleus

World exploration or from purchasing from the support store.

Used for a draw of the Black Nucleus Cache weapons banner.

Black Gold

Get this for redeeming Gold Nuclei for weapons

Black Gold can be traded for items in the weapons store

Flame Gold

You get this from redeeming Red Nuclei for weapons

Can be converted into Black Gold.


Training Points

Given for redeeming training rewards.

Can be exchanged for items in the points store.

Overclocking Chip

Use special voucher Special Order Matrix.

Used in exchange for limited edition Matrices.


  • Spacetime Domain
  • Crystal Dust Store
  • Support Store
  • Store

A universal currency that is used in-game.

Tower of Fantasy Special Orders

Rebirth of Clemency Special Order, Tower of Fantasy
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Special orders are essentially weapon banners to spend a draw on, like a gacha system. There are two types of Special Orders and a premium 'Limited Order' that requires premium currency.

  • Gold Nucleus Cache (Special Order)
  • Black Nucleus Cache (Special Order)
  • Rebirth of Clemency (Limited Order)

To cycle between the Gold and Black Nucleus Cache, click on the 'Choice Weapons' tab on the left side of the Support Store. Then click on the banner (either gold or purple in colour) at the bottom right of the main picture to cycle between the different Special Orders.


Tower of Fantasy: Other Storefronts

Tower of Fantasy: Weapon and Points store
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The Weapons Store and Points Store are additional storefronts where you can trade currency for items. To access these storefronts, instead of selecting Special Orders, click on the Commissary tab in the options menu. You can also access the other storefronts through the Special Orders screen, by clicking on the weapon store icon at the bottom left of the screen.

The weapons store primarily sells weapon upgrade items which you can use to improve the level of your weapons.

The Points Store sells mysterious boxes containing randomised loot in return for training points.

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