Tower Of Fantasy 1.5 Update: New Island, Boss and Home Base

Tower Of Fantasy 1.5 Update: New Island, Boss and Home Base
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Kiera Mills


6th Sep 2022 14:09

Tower of Fantasy is set to release its first official update since its initial global launch. The Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update is due for release on September 15 and will feature a new island area to explore, plus other new features. For a full rundown of all the new features to drop with the 1.5 update, read here.

Tower Of Fantasy 1.5 Update: Artificial Island




Artificial Island is the name of the new map coming to the 1.5 Tower of Fantasy update. From the teaser trailer we know it will feature the following areas:

  • Ring Arena
  • Puddled Lake
  • Rusty Iron Camp

The new map is accessible via ship which will take you to Artificial Island. This will only unlock if players have progressed far enough to chapter two of the main story, or if they are at a high enough level (50+).

Interestingly, the trailer heavily features fan-favourite Simulacra, Claudia, who has been speculated to join the roster of characters for some time now. Claudia is a fierce captain who specialises in grievous damage with her weapon the Guren Blade. From the coy hints of developers Hotta Studio and this new trailer, it's safe to presume she will feature on the next Special Order after Frigg.

Tower Of Fantasy 1.5 Update: New Frostfire Dragon Boss

Tower Of Fantasy Frostfire Dragon
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A new boss for the area has also been showcased under the name of 'Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon'. The Frostfire Dragon displayed on the trailer seems to have projectile weapons, volt damage capability and an impressive wingspan. From beta playthroughs the boss appears to circle the sky of Artificial Island, waiting for players to dare approach and take the beast on in combat.


Tower Of Fantasy 1.5 Update: Home System

Tower Of Fantasy Smart Servants on Home World
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The new home system is what many fans are finding most appealing about the new update. With this, players will be able to customise their own home base. The home base system introduces crafting and farming in the game, with players able to grow food and craft SSR Matrixes.

Your home world is individual to you, with the option to invite friends to visit. You'll encounter unique enemies across your home world that drop upgrade materials upon defeat, used for upgrading items in your base. Resource gathering will play a large part in the home world to help you upgrade your buildings and Development Centre (which can be levelled up to nine times and will determine how far you can level up your other buildings).

You can also recruit different animatronic helpers (Smart Servants) on your island who will gather resources or farm for you whilst you are away adventuring.

With the refinery you can craft Data Packs which are in turn, used to upgrade Matrixes. You can also craft character SSR Matrixes. The new shop to come with the home system will allow you to trade resources for more Smart Servants, EXP materials, ascension materials and more.

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