Tower of Fantasy Claudia: Release Date, Best Gifts, Weapon Effects And More

Tower of Fantasy Claudia: Release Date, Best Gifts, Weapon Effects And More
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7th Sep 2022 09:18

Claudia is an SSR rank character in Tower of Fantasy, who is next in line to release globally as a Special Order Simulacra. In Tower of Fantasy, Claudia is described as a 'righteous, dominant and fierce lady' with a secret love for cats and an honorary rank of captain. To learn more about Claudia, her weapon type, attacks, effects, and future global release date, read here.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia: Release Date

Claudia has been officially announced as the next Simulacra to drop in Tower of Fantasy, with a release date of September 15.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia: Weapon Attacks And Effects

Tower of Fantasy Claudia gameplay
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Claudia has a DPS Grievous type sword called the Guren Blade. This means it deals mostly physical attacks and has the attack resonance effect type. The Guren Blade has the following additional attacks and effects:



Grievous Damage

The standard Grievous damage the blade can inflict is the equivalent of 137% of the following attack. Target takes on the Grievous status effect for seven seconds afterwards, meaning they take 20% more damage.

Quick Slash

Chain attacks up to five times in a row to inflict bonus damage. The base attack is 39% plus two to knock down.

Jumping Strike


Chain up to four mid-air attacks for bonus damage. Base mid-air damage is 23.2% plus one.



Delivers a knockdown to target and deals 39.8% damage plus two.

Diving Edge


Jump and hold attack to deliver damage equal to 10% plus one for every mid-air hit. This increases to 63.6% plus three upon landing.

Sneak Attack

Attack whilst crouching behind the enemy to deal 570% damage of ATK plus 30.

Leap Attack

Press dodge and attack to trigger the Leap Attack animation. This delivers a large swing of the blade which deals out 31.6% damage plus two. The enemy is then knocked into the air for additional damage rates.

Roam Skill

Target up to five enemies at once and deal 348.5% of ATK damage plus 18. The cooldown is 15 seconds.

Unbridled Flurry Discharge Effect

This skill triggers when the weapon is fully charged and deals out 436.2% ATK damage plus 23 while the enemy is in mid-air. The skill also clears any debuffs from the Wanderer and emits a bladestorm after use which deals a further 174.4% plus 9 damage whilst simultaneously casting immunity against grievous, freeze, burn and electricity status effects for five seconds.


Tower of Fantasy: Claudia Awakening Traits

Tower of Fantasy Claudia character menu
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To 'Awaken' Claudia and unlock extra abilities, you must earn awakening points by gifting her some of her favourite items. The following abilities are earnt through the Awakening process:

  • 1200 points – Claudia can turn invisible for one second whilst dodging.
  • 4000 points - Claudia can turn invisible for 1.5 seconds whilst dodging.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia: Best Gifts

Tower of Fantasy, Claudia
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The following are the best gifts to give to Claudia to earn Awakening points:

Purple Gifts (+60 Awakening Points)

  • Angela Ornament
  • Snow Globe
  • Aida Comic
  • Limited Peanut Figurine
  • 3D Hykros Puzzle
  • Void Angel Figurine
  • Warren Fossil

Blue Gifts (+30 Awakening Points)

  • Perfume Bottle
  • Tailor-Made Suit
  • Vitamin Pack
  • Meteorite In A Bottle
  • Tartarus Ornament
  • New Kalka Ornament

Green Gifts (+15 Awakening Points)

  • Wool Scarf
  • Mini Potted Plant
  • Postcard of Aida
  • Retro Harmonica
  • Flower Bouquet
  • Nice Picture Frame
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