Tower of Fantasy Robarg Location: Where To Find Robarg

Tower of Fantasy Robarg Location: Where To Find Robarg
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Robarg is an optional world boss in Tower of Fantasy, located within the Astra starting area. Described as a once gentle creation that has twisted into an aberration/carnivorous plant, defeating Robarg in Tower of Fantasy can yield some valuable rewards. Read here for all information on Robarg and her location.

Tower of Fantasy: Robarg Location

Robarg's location in Tower of Fantasy
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Robarg is in the Tomb of Thorns and will be one of the first world bosses you will encounter. She is located south of the Astra Shelter, underneath the ledge near Ruin A-02 and within the crater indicated on the map above.

Tower of Fantasy: How To Defeat Robarg

Tower of Fantasy, Robarg's attack moves
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First, speak to Richelle, located above the cliff overlooking the Tomb of Thorns. This will allow Robarg to be summoned and will give you more information on how Robarg came to be twisted beyond its original form. Then travel to the Tomb below to summon Robarg.

Robarg is weak to flame damage so having a flame weapon equipped is the ideal strategy. Avoid volt weapons as she is resistant to volt damage.


Robarg has a whip that deals a long-reaching slash attack, as well as two AEO attacks in the form of red missiles and a grasping plant that she summons from the ground. She also emits poison from her flowers occasionally and can release a swarm of Needlebees. At level 25 she can be a formidable foe if it is your first world boss encounter.

Luckily, these attacks are well telegraphed, with the ground glowing red in the danger spots to indicate her reach. Robarg is also a stationary boss with limited physical movement, making her easier than other bosses to avoid if you move around the arena effectively.

Running won't be enough to avoid the grasping vines however, you must also dodge when these are summoned. You can tell when Robarg is going to summon them as she also raises her hand in the air beforehand. Defeating her will yield an Advanced Password Chest with rarer items inside.

Tower of Fantasy: Robarg Rewards

Tower of Fantasy, Robarg's reward chest.
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The following are the rewards you'll be granted for defeating Robarg in the Tomb of Thorns.

  • Random SSR weapon
  • King Matrix
  • Random SR weapon
  • Missile Barrage Shard
  • Robarg Matrix
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Data Pack III
  • Also, check out our Tower of Fantasy weapons guide for all the information you need on the different status and resonance effects.
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