How to solve the wire puzzle in System Shock: Junction box puzzles

How to solve the wire puzzle in System Shock: Junction box puzzles
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31st May 2023 12:18

Throughout your exploration of System Shock, you'll encounter many wire puzzles, otherwise known as Junction Box puzzles, that will require you to solve them to explore more parts of the station.

If you're struggling to find wire puzzle solutions in System Shock, we're here to help.

Below is a step-by-step of how to solve the Junction Boxes to help you in your early playthrough of the game.

Junction Box solutions in System Shock

Solved Junction Box puzzle in System Shock
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The general premise of the Junction Box puzzles is to connect the wires on the console and flip the switches until enough power is being effectively diverted to the controls.

There will be a meter on one side of the box showing your power amount. The trick is to make sure you have diverted enough power to be within the range of the two blue lines. You don’t want less or more power going above or below these lines. A common mistake is trying to fill the power gauge all the way to the top.

There are usually two different types of puzzles, one is with wires and switches, and the other will be with red squares and circles.

Wire puzzle

Wire puzzle solution in System Shock
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The key with the wired variant is to flip the switches and divert more than one stream of power to the gauge or flip it for less if the blue lines are lower on the meter.

Sometimes, everything may be matched correctly but you're still missing one or two lines. If this happens, try switching the wires around as some will output more power than others. These are marked by a lighter blue colour and two lit lines indicating more power.

Square puzzle

Square puzzle solution in System Shock
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These circuit boards are filled with red circles and usually, two red squares, one of which will be lit with power. The trick here is to connect the two squares by moving the connectors around on the grid.

The squares will usually only have one possible connection on one side. A good place to start is by finding the lit square and seeing which direction the puzzle must move in by the connector coming off it.

Then, sometimes it helps to map a pattern out backwards by then starting to move pieces from the unlit square to the lit one.

Create a path between them to complete the puzzle.

  • You may notice that there is a Logic Port next to the Junction Box puzzles. To find out what Logic Probes are and how to use them in System Shock, read here.

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