How to find & use the Recycle machine to recycle junk in System Shock

How to find & use the Recycle machine to recycle junk in System Shock
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30th May 2023 16:00

You'll come across a plethora of items in System Shock that can be recycled or vaporized for scrap. If you're left wondering what the pros and cons are for both and how to recycle junk items in System Shock, we have you covered.

Below are tips on whether you should recycle or vaporize junk in System Shock and how to find the recycling machine on the first-floor medical wing in the game.

Where is the recycle machine on System Shock?

System Shock recycle machine location
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Most of the items you see on shelves in System Shock can be collected in your inventory and recycled at recycling machines for credits.

On the first medical floor, the recycling machine is located on the above map, just above the maintenance tunnel entrance.

To access this area, you must go from the Central Hub, down through the Gamma Quadrant. Head straight down the central room and turn right at the vending machines, into the corridor.

From the corridor, take the door to the bottom right, opposite the door marked with the yellow grenade sign.

The recycling machine should be in a left-side alcove in this room. Laptops and other electrical items are usually the best ones to recycle for credits, but they do tend to also take up more inventory space.

To use the machine, click on the drum, then move the items from your inventory into the window attached to the left.

Then exit the menu and click on the green 'Press to Start' button on the machine. The credit will come out of a slot to the right of the machine for you to pick up.

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Should you vaporize or recycle junk items in System Shock?

System Shock recycle machine uses
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When you bring up your inventory in-game, you can highlight items and bring up information in a box to the right of the screen.

Here, you can see how many credits you'll yield if you recycle the item. If an item is worth 0 credits upon recycling, you can vaporize it instead and get scrap pieces.

You can get 1 credit for every 10 scraps you recycle at a machine. This means if the item isn’t worth credit upon recycling it is worthwhile vaporizing it instead and building up an inventory of scrap to then recycle.

Credits are worth your time collecting, especially as you progress through increasingly difficult System Shock floors.

With credits, you can purchase consumables at vending machines to replenish your health, stamina, and damage output.

Although you cannot recycle weapons at the machine, you can recycle the broken weapons that enemies drop for a few extra credits.

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