How to get a Magnum pistol in System Shock

How to get a Magnum pistol in System Shock
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30th May 2023 16:00

You may be wondering where to get a Magnum in System Shock, especially if you're an original horror fan as you'll know that the Magnum is one of the more powerful Pistols in the game.

The Magnum in System Shock can be found in a few places, the easiest to reach will be located on Flight Deck level 5 in the game.

For a step-by-step of the Magnum location in the game and how to get it, read below.

Where can you find a Magnum in System Shock?

The Magnum high-powered pistol is located on the Maintenance level. Take the elevator from Research Floor Two, from the elevator follow these steps:

  • From the elevator walk straight ahead and turn left at the next elevator.
  • Take the last door to the right, it will be located next to the energy refueler and sparking console.
  • Turn left once inside the room with the Relay Analyser, there will be a crawl space you can enter.
  • Follow the crawl space around to the dead crew member, the Magnum should be next to them on the floor.

Magnum location in System Shock
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The Magnum 2100 Pistol can be modded like the other weapons in System Shock by finding a mod station. At its base level it deals out kinetic damage at 65 per shot, has a magazine capacity of 8, and an armor penetration percentage of 60%.

Where can you get ammo for your Magnum in System Shock?

The Magnum takes Osmium-Core Rounds in System Shock, you may find rounds by exploring the station. The most effective way of getting ammo for the gun is by finding ammo vending machines or armories.

Armorys are often labeled with a yellow grenade sign outside and are usually locked, requiring a passcode or Cyberspace unlock.

System Shock Flight Deck Armory
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There is one such Armory on the Flight Deck level 5, and to get there you must use the elevator from the recycling machine room in Maintenance.

Then, solve the junction box puzzle to the left of the elevator to power up the bridge. Then continue and turn right, following the corridor around until you see an intersection with red carpeted floors.

Turn right again and go straight ahead through the room. To the left is a locked armory. To unlock it, you must complete the Cyberspace terminal, located in the nearby room with the yellow Cyberspace sign.

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