How to heal in System Shock

How to heal in System Shock
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30th May 2023 16:00

Healing in System Shock can be easily missed in the initial areas. There are a few ways you can heal in System Shock, like Medipatches and snacks, although these can be challenging to find in the game at the start. Read our rundown below to learn more.

How do you heal in the game?

There are three main ways you can heal yourself in System Shock, these are:

  • Surgery Machines - There is usually only one of these per level, they are hard to find but worth seeking out as they fully restore your max health and can be used more than once.
  • Medipatch Healing Agent - These are single-use consumables found throughout the station and from vending machines. They restore a portion of your health over time.
  • Soda and snacks - Snacks can give you a single burst of health, usually only a bar or two. They can be bought from vending machines with credits or found in rooms at the station.

System Shock Surgery Machine
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Where can you find the Vending Machine on the Medical Floor?

System Shock: Vending Machine location, Medical Floor 1
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Both the snack vending machine and consumables machine are located in the Gamma Quadrant on Medical Floor 1. Simply walk from the Central Hub to the main Gamma door, at the back of the large central room behind the pillar will be a vending machine where you can spend credits for snacks.

If you use the machine, remember to click on the coin slot to enter your credits first.

System Shock: Transderm Dispenser Machine location, Medical Floor 1
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From here, walk right through the corridor to the first door on the left. Inside this room on a back wall is a Transderm Dispenser where you can buy consumables like Medipatches for 5 credits each.

You can also get First Aid Kits in the game which will return you back to full health on the go, these are rarer, however.

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Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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