How to find the Turbo Boots in System Shock

How to find the Turbo Boots in System Shock
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Kiera Mills


30th May 2023 16:00

Turbo Boots in System Shock is a piece of equipment you can get to double your base run speed.

They can be a valuable piece of equipment in System Shock as you run to avoid patrolling machines on the station.

If you want to know where to get Turbo Boots in System Shock and how to increase your run speed in the game, read below for a thorough walkthrough.

Where to get Turbo Boots in System Shock

Turbo Boots location in System Shock
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The Turbo Motion Boots V1 gives you a double-speed boost when running. It does require energy to do so, however, but the boost you get is around double the usual run speed and you can supplement your stamina with consumables if need be.

The Turbo Boots are located on the Flight Deck level (Floor 5) and will require you to unlock the elevator from the Maintenance Floor first.

Complete levels 1 and 2 (Medical and Research) then, from the elevator in Maintenance walk left, then take the first door to the right. Inside this room is the Recycling Machine and another elevator that can take you down to the Flight Deck. Once there, follow these steps:

  • Complete the junction box puzzle to the left of the elevator (connect the power until the power bar sits within the range of the blue lights).
  • This will power the bridge, which you can now cross.
  • From the bridge and through the door, turn right and follow the corridor around until you see the option to turn left into a red-carpeted area or continue forward.

Turbo Boots location in System Shock: Sunken floor area
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  • You'll notice a sunken part of the floor here; the boots are located inside the sunken area.
  • Drop down to retrieve them and they'll be automatically equipped for your loadout.

Now you're kitted out to run from any patrolling enemies if you have a low ammo count.

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