How to get the Science Access Keycard in System Shock

How to get the Science Access Keycard in System Shock
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Kiera Mills


30th May 2023 16:00

The Science Access Keycard in System Shock is located on Research Level Two and is needed to open several locked doors on the level, including the Library containing the security override code.

As such, it's a crucial keycard you'll need to get in System Shock in order to progress through the quest line of the game.

If you're struggling to find the Science Access Keycard, read below for the location and how to use it.

Where is the Science Access Keycard in System Shock?

System Shock Alpha Quadrant Switch, pull this to unlock Beta
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Both the Science Access Keycard and Library are located in the Beta Quadrant accessible via the Central Hub.

However, the power to Beta must be restored before you can enter. To do so, travel to the Alpha Quadrant from the Central Hub.

From the Alpha doorway, go through the first door to the right. There are four levers on a central console in this room. Flip the lever pointing down upwards to match the other three. You'll know it's correct if it lights up green like the others.

System Shock Admin Security, Research Floor Two
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Now, head over to the Beta Quadrant and follow these steps:

  • Go inside and walk to the last door to the right.
  • Turn left and left again until you see Admin Security.
  • Head inside Admin Security and pick up the yellow Science Access Key card on the console.
  • Continue through to the Library up ahead. Then enter the Cyberspace room to retrieve the security override code.

The Science Access Keycard can also open different locked doors in the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, so it's worth exploring back there to see if you can uncover any ammo or mod machines.

Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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