How to get the Isotope X 22 in System Shock

How to get the Isotope X 22 in System Shock
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30th May 2023 16:00

Isotope X-22 in System Shock is a power source needed for the shields during the Research level of the game.

During the quest in System Shock, SHODAN will have used the mining laser on the station to target Earth, you'll need to use Isotope X-22 to power the shields as you retarget the system to fire towards them instead of the planet.

Read below for the Isotope X-22 location in System Shock and instructions on where to use it.

Where is the Isotope X-22 in System Shock?

Isotope x-22 is located in the Gamma Quadrant. You can only access Gamma from the Central Hub with the Science Access Keycard, however.

The Science Access Keycard can be retrieved from Admin Security in the Beta Quadrant (to access Beta, flip the power in Alpha first, the switch to do so is located in the first door to the right in Alpha).

System Shock Isotope X-22 location
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Once you have the keycard, head to Gamma and follow these steps:

  • From the Gamma doorway, go through the door to the right marked with the yellow biohazard sign.
  • The upcoming area is full of radiation so you may want to stock up on some antidote packs.
  • Continue around to the right and open the door containing the Isotope agent.
  • The Isotope is surrounded by a barrier so push the button at the end of the room to disable the barrier, leaving you free to open the briefcase containing the Isotope.
  • Make sure you also have the security override code, then head to the elevator in Gamma and take it to the Reactor level.

  • If you haven't retrieved the security override code on the level yet, check out our guide on how to get the security override code in System Shock here first.

How to use the Isotope X-22 in System Shock

System Shock radiation shield controls: where to use Isotope X-22
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Once you have the Isotope and security override code, you'll need to head to the Reactor level. The elevator to take you to the Reactor is located in the Gamma Quadrant.

From the Reactor level, take the door to the right and continue forwards until you see a medical door sign to the left.

Use the Medical Access Keycard from the previous level to gain entry. This is your way forward through the Reactor Floor. In this room is a junction box puzzle which you can solve to gain access to the Surgery Machine and respawn point of the level.

System Shock sunken level: How to get to radiation shield controls
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From the medical room, follow these steps to activate the Isotope:

  • Go through the next set of doors from medical, walk along the corridor and turn right.
  • Enter the first door to access the Cyberspace terminal, completing this will unlock the Northern Blast Door and Reactor Armory.
  • From Cybersecurity turn left, then right and follow the corridor all around past Experimental.
  • Enter the doorway at the end and follow.
  • Continue around the corridor and drop down the sunken level. (Make sure you drop to the middle section, to do so jump across the gap to the right level, then step down and turn around.)
  • Walk around and up the stairs, and continue to Radiation Shield Controls.
  • Enter the room and put the Isotope into the console on the back wall, then pull the lever to activate the shields.

  • Now you have the Isotope you'll need to follow a few more steps to complete the level, read our guide on how to turn off the mining laser's failsafe in System Shock for more information.

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