System Shock ID Tags explained

System Shock ID Tags explained
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Kiera Mills


31st May 2023 17:26

As you explore the Citadel Station, you may find ID Tags in System Shock, within the various corpses on the ship. These ID Tags are not worth any recycle credits but can be vaporised for scrap.

If you're worried about vaporising ID Tags in System Shock and want to know if they have any other uses before getting rid of them, read here and we'll show you what they're used for.

What are the ID Tags used for in System Shock?

ID Tags in System Shock
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ID Tags are usually found when interacting with corpses on the Citadel Station. When picked up, they do not stack inside your inventory, instead, they each take up a slot each.

With precious space being taken up you may wonder if they are a key item or if you are free to vaporise them for scrap. The answer is yes – feel free to gather the scrap instead, as ID Tags are not used in any future quests in System Shock.

If you hold ALT when inspecting a tag, you'll be able to retrieve the name of the crewmate it belonged to. This is in fact a cameo reward for original backers on the System Shock Kickstarter page.

Any backer who pledged $350 or more received the Human Corpse edition and a credit in the game.

This is particularly nice for fans of the original franchise who supported the 2023 remake from its inception in 2017. Since then, the game has launched with the help of over 21 thousand backers and over 1.3 million dollars raised for the project.

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