Where to find the Storage Floor Power Nodes in System Shock

Where to find the Storage Floor Power Nodes in System Shock
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30th May 2023 16:32

There are GPU Power Nodes on each floor of System Shock, all of which need to be destroyed during your playthrough, this includes the Power Nodes located on Storage Floor Four.

Storage Floor Four can be a bit of a maze in System Shock, with different storage units locked behind others.

As such, if you're struggling to find the Storage Floor Power in the game, read here and we'll tell you how to find and destroy them.

System Shock: Storage Floor Power Nodes location

System Shock: Storage Floor Power Nodes map location
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Start by taking one of the main elevators from Maintenance Floor Three to the Storage level. From the Elevator, follow these steps to get to the GPU Nodes:

  • Head straight from the elevator.
  • Turn right down the sloping floor towards the Recycling Machine on this level.
  • Turn right at the machine and forwards through the door.
  • Press the button on the console at the bottom of the room to clear the path forward through the left-side arch.
  • There are four Nodes in this room, two on each side but there will be a spawn of several enemies you'll need to defeat in the room first.

System Shock: Yellow cannisters used to destroy Storage Floor Nodes
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  • Once you have cleared the way, shoot the yellow canisters to set off an explosion that will destroy the nodes. If you haven’t destroyed all of them or are struggling to destroy each of the three green monitors on them, you can effectively use a Frag Grenade.
  • Once all four are destroyed take note of the red number displayed on the centre monitors, this is part of a code you'll need later in the game.

  • If you're having trouble with the enemies in the game, check out our guide on how to increase your speed in System Shock and get yourself some Turbo Boots.
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