What Is The Boss Rush Mode In Pokemon UNITE?

What Is The Boss Rush Mode In Pokemon UNITE?
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Sara Heritage


28th Feb 2023 11:35

The latest patch to Pokemon UNITE sees the fan-favorite Boss Rush mode make a return.

But what exactly is Boss Rush mode, and how can you be the very best, finally earning the love and respect of your parents in Pokemon UNITE?

Keep reading this guide for Pokemon UNITE Boss Rush tips and tricks.

Pokemon UNITE Boss Rush: What Is It?

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First of all, we’re going to have to figure out what exactly this mode is all about.

Unlike the more-traditional 5v5 PvP (Player vs Player) gameplay of Pokemon UNITE we’ve all come to love (in a sort of Stockholm syndrome way), Boss Rush is actually PvE (Player vs. Enemy).

That’s right, you and 5 of your rag-tag bunch of besties (if you have 5, show-off) will be taking down waves of powerful Pokemon against the clock for some sweet rewards.

Pokemon UNITE Boss Rush: How To Get Good

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So you know the basics, but you keep dragging your teammates down with you into the mud? That’s what you get for not reading the second half of this guide, my friend. Fortunately, I’m here to give you a Helping Hand.

Ideal Team Composition

Yes, Ranked-Match-cels will be seething, but you’ll need to bin off your All-Rounders if you want the best chance of succeeding in Boss Rush.

The best team I’ve played with consisted of two ranged Attackers, like Espeon or Decidueye, two Defenders like Slowbro or Snorlax, and one HP restoring Support like Comfey or Blissey.

Another tip - use your Defenders to absorb blows whilst the Attackers gather on the other side to dish out damage.

Talk To Each Other!

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As I say to every post on r/relationships, have you tried talking to each other? That solves 99% of problems.

You’ll need to work together to surround the enemy. If you all rush into the same place, there’s a good chance you’ll all get wiped out in one blow.

For the love of Arceus, please don’t take this to mean you should spam ‘Thanks!’ or ‘Check it Out’ every time you face one minor issue. Tilted, much?

Get Your 5 A Day

If you’re low on health, don’t be afraid to retreat from the battle. Sitrus berries pop up along the edges of the battlefield, which can be crucial in late-stage boss fights.

On a similar note, you can use the environment to hide behind obstacles. Ranged Attackers should pay attention - you don’t have to touch the boss with the tip of your nose to deal out damage. Use these obstacles to avoid their ranging attacks.

Make sure you use these tips to your advantage, and you’ll be a Pokemon UNITE Boss Rush pro in no time!

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