Pokemon UNITE Patch Notes: All Buffs, Nerfs, Changes & More

Pokemon UNITE Patch Notes: All Buffs, Nerfs, Changes & More
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28th Feb 2023 11:39

Happy Pokemon Day Trainers! To celebrate, Pokemon UNITE has dropped its latest update in the patch. This update adds a bunch of new items, modes, and emblems, as well as nerfs and buffs for some fan-favorite Pokemon.

Best of all, there's one very special new Pokemon UNITE License.

Keep reading to find out everything the Patch brings to Pokemon UNITE!

Pokemon UNITE Patch Notes: New Modes

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Boss Rush makes a welcome return to Aeos Island! This PvE quick battle mode sees players take on waves of powerful Legendary Pokemon in 5 minutes to try and earn some big rewards.

In this Boss Rush, players will go up against Regirock, Regice and Registeel, instead of Articuno, Zapdos and Regigigas. The boss Pokemon that appear will differ for each period.

The Pokemon Day celebrations will introduce a new event called Adventure in Zacian’s Weald. That's right - the Legendary sword doggo Zacian has come to Aeos Island!

Pokemon UNITE Patch Notes: Gameplay Changes

Bad news for toxic ‘Thanks!’ spammers. Blocking voice chat will now hide quick chats.

The Unite Squad screens have also been given a fresh lick of paint, making them feel a lot more polished and responsive. You can also search for a Unite Squad that matches your Playstyle. No more x5 Attacker lineups!

Matchmaking has also been improved (finally), allowing your rank from the previous season to be taken into consideration when teaming you up.

You can also now visit the Set Shop for discounts on Holowear and Licenses!

Pokemon UNITE Patch Notes: New Items

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The Pokemon Day 2023 update has added two brand new Held Items for Pokemon UNITE. These are the Slick Spoon and the Rescue Hood. Here’s what these new items do.

The Slick Spoon is another item for Special Attackers. Any damage dealt by your Pokemon's Special Attacks will ignore (10/15/20)% of your enemies Special Defence. It costs 2000 Aeos Coin, or 1250 Aeos Tickets.

The Rescue Hood increases outgoing HP recovery (5 / 7.5 / 10)% and shield effect by (5 / 7.5 / 10)% when it’s held by ally Pokemon. This is a bit of a niche Support item but could be a must-have for Comfey mains.

There is also the Rusted Sword, which is a Zacian-only item. On that note - players can now obtain the Zacian UNITE License, allowing them to bring everyone’s favorite sword doggo into battle!

Not sure which items you should pick? The game will now give you Example Sets, automatically recommending loadouts based on your owned items.

The rest of the Johto Pokemon have also been added as Boost Emblems, along with Zacian (my favorite Gen 2 Pokemon).

There is also a brand new color of Emblem - Gray. Bonuses for Gray occur at 3, 5, and 7 and give players damage reduction.

Pokemon UNITE Patch Notes: All Nerfs

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Delphox’s Mystical Fire was a terrifying move thanks to its high damage output and low cooldown. This nerf reduces its damage from 130% SpA -> 117% SpA. Its Flame Charge + attack has also been nerfed, reducing its haste intensity massively from 75% to 30%


As part of its previous battle pass buffs, Gardevior has been hit hard with this balance patch. Psyshock and Psychic both see massive cooldown increases, meaning its relentless attacks should begin to give its opponents a bit more breathing room.


Tyranitar has seen a number of changes in this patch. Its strongest move, Dark Pulse, has seen significant nerfs, aimed at reducing its efficacy.

Ancient Power has also seen changes, with its cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 11.


In the last patch, Rapid-Strike Style Urshifu got hit hard. This time, it’s Surging Strikes turn, reducing its early game sustain by slashing its HP restoration.


Cotton Guard’s damage mitigation was so powerful it knocked Pollen Puff out of the water. Its cooldown has been increased from 9 seconds to 11.

Pokemon UNITE Patch Notes: All Buffs

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It’s not all bad news for Delphox mains - Fire Blast’s + explosion damage has been increased. A small victory.


Espeon fans are eating good tonight. This patch covers off Espeon’s main weakness - longevity. The cooldown of its abilities, Anticipation and Magic Bounce, have been reduced from 45 seconds to 35.

For a ranged Attacker, its range was… Mid, to say the least. Now you can snipe your opponents from miles away, with the range of Eevee’s Swift and Psychock being increased. Finally, basic attack damage output has also been increased.


Tyranitar’s Stone Edge has always been the black sheep of its movepool. Hard to hit, with no real benefits when paired against the mobility and shield of its other moves,

However, Stone Edge players will be rewarded if they actually manage to land the attack, with its damage and max range being increased.


Trevenant’s Wood Hammer has been buffed, decreasing its cooldown from 6 seconds to 5. Its damage has also been increased, whilst its HP decrease has been weakened.

Pain Split has also been buffed, with its effects on the user being strengthened.


Wigglytuff’s Rollout shield has been increased from 1 second to 1.5.

Its Unite Move Energy requirements have also been reduced, decreasing its cooldown from 112 seconds to 89 seconds.


Outrage is so hilariously bad it’s considered a meme in the Pokemon UNITE community. But it could be time for a new page in its chapter - its damage has been boosted.

Dragonite’s Unite Move Energy requirements have also been reduced, decreasing its cooldown from 134 seconds to 112 seconds.


Brave Bird’s cooldown has been reduced.


Zoroark is back on its A-game with its latest buffs. Its stats have all been buffed to account for the power creep. Now, it’ll leave Jungle a bit slower, but snowball that power towards the late-game.

Its moves have also been buffed - cuts damage output has been increased, and its Unite Move Energy requirements have been decreased.

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