Best Meowscarada build, moveset & items in Pokemon UNITE

Best Meowscarada build, moveset & items in Pokemon UNITE
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8th Dec 2023 17:28


Meowscarada is the latest speedster to join the Pokemon UNITE fray! This sassy Gen 9 feline is the first Paldea-region Pokemon to join the roster. But will it claw its way up the ranks?

Keep reading to find out the best build for this new Pokemon UNITE License, including the top items and moveset to equip in the game, as well as some general tips!

Best moveset for Meowscarada in Pokemon UNITE

Despite Meowscarada’s underwhelming debut, the 'Flower Trick Build' is the current meta of choice. This combo pairs Flower Trick and Trailblaze together, letting Meowscarada deal out damage from afar and manoeuvre in close and escape with ease.

First up - Meowscarada’s signature move, Flower Trick. This move allows you to attach a bomb to any opponent within range, which can then be detonated at will to deal AoE damage. It’s great for taking down opponents trying to flee. We won’t think about the morals behind Meowscarada’s war crimes today. Furthermore, if your helpless enemy is low on HP, you’ll deal more damage. Ouch.

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This move is great for detonating during team fights and taking advantage of your team’s damage output - if you steal the kill and knock out an opposing Pokemon with this move, the move's cooldown is reset.

Trailblaze, on the other hand, is great for getting Meowscarada into position to dish out devastating blows. Similar to Mimikyu (though not nearly as powerful), this move sees Meowscarada leap to the spot you choose, damaging and disabling any enemy Pokemon it hits. Is there a Pokemon slightly out of range? Hide in some bushes and this move’s range increases. Neat!

Best items for Meowscarada in Pokemon Unite

Meowscarada is best played as a Melee Attacker, meaning you should make use of the following items:

  • Razor Claw - to incrementally increase the damage of your next basic attack and decrease the movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time.
  • Attack Weight - to boost Meowscarada’s Attack stat and work in synergy with the Razor Claw.
  • Float Stone - to boost Meowscarada’s Attack even more and increase movement speed when not in combat, allowing for quick lane switching.

You’ve got two options for a Battle Item. Personally, I like using the Eject Button to reposition Meowscarada when Trailblaze just won’t quite cut it. However, if you prefer a more damage-focused playstyle, you might find use in the X Attack.

Everything you need to know about Meowscarada

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Meowscarada and its pre-evolutions, Floragato and Sprigatito, are melee Physical Speedsters that benefit from fast manoeuvrability and quick cooldown mechanics. Its passive ability, Overgrow, means that the moment its HP drops below half, it will become invisible, similar to Inteleon and its camouflage when near a wall. However, when Meowscarada is invisible, its damage and movement speed will be increased.

When you’re invisible, you can deal out damage with your boosted basic attack, signified by a timer gauge under your health bar. Once that fills up, you’ll leap towards your target to deal extra damage, recovering extra HP as you do so.

This means Meowscarada is perfect for chasing down big team fights and KOs. However, the other side of the coin means that Meowscara is susceptible to Pokemon that can disable your movement, such as Gengar’s Dream Eater or Pikachu’s Thunderbolt.

Finally, you might find the early game a bit slow to get started - Meowscarada only learns its first primary move at level 6. If you want to level up quickly, even more so than level 4 Leafeon before it, you might want to hit up the jungle.

However, even with Overgrow, Meowscarada is fragile, even for a Speedster. Pokemon like Absol or Dodrio outclass it in movement speed, meaning this feisty feline might struggle to find its niche in the current meta.

Are you interested in trying out Meowscarada for yourself? For even more Pokemon UNITE guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.

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