The best Zeraora builds in Pokemon UNITE

The best Zeraora builds in Pokemon UNITE
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18th Aug 2021 14:26

These Pokemon UNITE Zeraora builds are exactly what you need to master one of the most overpowered Pokemon in the meta, and also one of the most controversial. This makes sense considering it's fast even for a Speedster in Pokemon UNITE, and it can hit like a truck with the right items equipped. A leveled-up Zeraora is an absolute nightmare in the late game thanks to some extremely powerful moves - something Zeraora fans are no stranger to in Pokemon - but its low endurance means it can be beaten. If you want to see what this shockingly powerful Pokemon is all about, check out these best Pokemon UNITE Zeraora builds.

Pokemon UNITE Zeraora builds: Stats and movesets

Best Pokemon UNITE Zeraora builds
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First, let's check out Zeraora's moves and stats:

Role: Speedster
Style: Melee
Difficulty: Expert


  • Offense - 7
  • Endurance - 3
  • Mobility - 8
  • Scoring - 6
  • Support - 1

Evolution levels


Special moves

Passive Skill: Volt Absorb - Zeraora's Attack power increases every time it is damaged.

Unite Move: Plasma Gale - Zeraora generates a blast of electricity that deals initial damage, but also leaves a lightning field that deals additional damage over time.

Agility - Zeraora quickly dashes forward to deal melee damage. This attack also raises Zeraora's movement speed. Cooldown is 6 seconds. Upgrades at Lvl. 6 to one of the following: 

  • Volt Switch - Zeraora launches a quick and powerful dash attack that also increases basic attack speed. If the move activates again within a certain timeframe, Zeraora will return to the spot of the first use. 8 second cooldown. At Lvl. 12 the move deals more damage and the basic attack speed buff lasts longer.
  • Spark - Zeraora jumps towards a nearby opponent and uses an electric attack. By pressing the basic attack button in-air, Zeraora will switch targets and attack the next closest opponent. This move can be used three times before cooldown. 10 second cooldown. At Lvl. 12 changing direction in-air will heal Zeraora.

Slash - Zeraora pounces with a slashing combo, the last hit of which throws opponents back. Cooldown is 8.5 seconds. Upgrades at Lvl. 8 to one of the following:

  • Discharge - Zeraora discharges electrical energy, damaging opponents and giving Zeraora a temporary shield. If a damaged opponent was previously paralyzed the move pulls that enemy to Zeraora's position, dealing more damage and stunning the enemy. 8.5 second cooldown. At Lvl. 14 a successful Discharge will also lower an opponent's movement speed.
  • Wild Charge - Zeraora charges forward, launching a combo upon contact. Zeraora takes recoil damage with every use. If Volt Switch, Spark, or a boosted basic attack was used before Wild Charge activates, the combo at the end hits more times. 8.5 second cooldown. At Lvl. 14 while the combo is active the move also deals area-of-effect damage to nearby enemies.

With Zeraora's electrifying abilities now laid out, let's take a look at how to maximize its potential.

Pokemon UNITE Zeraora builds: Running wild

Best Pokemon UNITE Zeraora builds
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  • Focus: Jungling/Attack Support
  • Area: Mid Lane
  • Move 1 Upgrade: Volt Switch
  • Move 2 Upgrade: Wild Charge
  • Battle Item: Fluffy Tail
  • Held Items
    • Attack Weight
    • Muscle Band
    • Scope Lens

It's like the old song goes, "in the jungle, the mighty jungle, Zeraora ganks toniiiiiight." Okay, maybe there's some paraphrasing, but this Zeraora build is an absolute terror to any Wild Pokemon on the board. This also makes Zeraora a scoring machine, so expect to be running back and forth scoring goals while rumbling in the jungle.

Engage every wild Pokemon you see in this build, leveling up as much as you possibly can in the early and mid stages of the game. There's a key reason for this: Wild Charge's enhanced version is one of the best options in the game for taking out multiple opponents at once, so getting to Lvl. 14 is essential. By the time the final two minutes hits, Zeraora will not only be powerful enough to take Zapdos, but it will be able to clear any opponent off the board in no time. 

The problem with this build--and with Zeraora in general--is that pesky "3" next to its Endurance stat. It's not going to be able to take a ton of damage before succumbing, and focusing on wild Pokemon with Fluffy Tail means sacrificing the ever-helpful Eject Button. Zeraora has a built-in escape option in Volt Switch, but it's still risky if it finds itself alone. 

Pokemon UNITE Zeraora builds: Electric Assistance

Best Pokemon Unite Zeraora builds
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  • Focus: Attack Support
  • Area: Mid Lane
  • Move 1 Upgrade: Spark
  • Move 2 Upgrade: Discharge
  • Battle Item: Eject Button
  • Held Items
    • Attack Weight
    • Muscle Band
    • Score Shield

This build still specializes in jungling--Zeraora is a Speedster after all--but this build is more focused on both goal-scoring and teamfights in the later stages of the match. Score Shield will protect Zeraora while trying to score, while Attack Weight will boost its power after a slam dunk.

Both Spark and Discharge are fundamental to this build, as they both can target multiple enemies at a time. Spark's misdirection abilities could even save it when it's outnumbered, switching targets to whichever Pokemon is furthest from the group and staging an escape after the attack hits. Discharge on the other hand is a great way to prevent escape, pulling in Pokemon suffering paralysis and making them vulnerable. 

The main problems again center around Zeraora's endurance--or lack thereof. No matter how powerful Zeraora becomes, it will not be able to survive if left alone against multiple enemies. Make sure you always have a teammate with you, and if your friends start to fall, use that Eject Button and live to teamfight another day. Zeraora is meant to score goals, not give free energy to the opponents.

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