Pokemon UNITE Tier List: All The Pokemon From Best To Worst

Pokemon UNITE Tier List: All The Pokemon From Best To Worst

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Jake Bannister


29th Jul 2021 14:43

The Pokemon UNITE best Pokemon tier list is always going to be a subjective topic based on your personal preferences and play style, but if you're jumping into the recently released Pokemon spin-off for the first time, this is a good starting point. Having recently launched, Pokemon UNITE is another new path for the franchise from Nintendo, this time bringing Tencent Games into the mix to create a Massively Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, similar to titles like League of Legends and Dota 2. So what are the best Pokemon on our Pokemon UNITE tier list?

Pokemon UNITE brings together all the cute, wonderful, and utterly terrifying creatures we see in the series, and puts them together on a battlefield to play as a team. Although with the game still in its early stages, its hard to figure out what the Pokemon UNITE best Pokemon are. This is our Pokemon UNITE tier list, to break that down for you.

Pokemon UNITE Tier List

Tier Pokemon
S Absol, Pikachu, Zeraora
A Alolan Ninetales, Cinderace, Gardevoir, Eldergoss, Talonflame
B Garchomp, Snorlax, Cramorant, Gengar
C Crustle, Lucario, Machamp, Mr Mime, Wigglytuff
D Charizard, Slowbro, Greninja, Venasaur


Pokemon UNITE S Tier Pokemon

The beloved S tier, the best of the best some would say… others cry that they’re overpowered and should be nerfed. Here’s what we believe are the best Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE.

Pokemon UNITE Best Pokemon (Attacker): Pikachu

Pikachu Pokemon UNITE
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You really think a Pokemon game would be complete without our beloved Pikachu? Well not only is the little cutie in the game, but it is one of, if not the best attacking Pokemon in game.

Pikachu has a variety of options when it comes to picking builds and items, although with Pikachu being such an attacking Pokemon, would it not be perfect to set them up for exactly that?

Level 1 - Thunder Shock > Electroweb
Level 4 - Electro Ball > Thunder
Level 7 - Thunderbolt > Volt Tackle

Pikachu UNITE Ability - Thunderstorm

At level 9, you’ll be able to use Pikachu’s UNITE Ability, Thunderstorm. Being an area move, Thunderstorm will hit all surrounding Pokemon, causing a devastating effect.

Pokemon UNITE Best Pokemon (Speedster): Absol

Pokemon UNITE Absol
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Absol, the four legged beast, is the quickest Pokemon in UNITE. With its ability to get from A to B, it makes for the perfect mid-lane Pokemon. While it seems like a breeze when you can run around, Absol is a difficult Pokemon to play.

With its mix of speed and attacking prowess, this makes Absol one of the most dangerous Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE. We believe these are its best moves:

Level 1 - Feint > Slash
Level 5 - Pursuit > Night Slash
Level 7 - Psycho Cut > Sucker Punch

Absol UNITE Ability - Midnight Slash

Absol’s UNITE Ability, Midnight Slash, isn’t too special in nature, although does a lot of damage in all directions, making it useful in the right situations.

Pokemon UNITE Best Pokemon (Absol Alternative): Zeraora

Pokemon UNITE Zeraora
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As previously mentioned, Absol is an extremely difficult Pokemon to play. So if you’re looking to be a speedster around the mid-lane / jungle that may be slightly easier to play, Zeraora is a solid option.

Like Absol, Zeraora is all about their offense and mobility. We believe these are their best moves:

Level 1 - Slash > Agility
Level 5 - Volt Switch > Spark
Level 7 - Discharge > Wild Charge

Zeraora UNITE Ability - Plasma Gale

At level 9, the Plasma Gale is the perfect ultimate to not only deal damage, but throw the enemies backwards.

Honourable Mention

While attacking and speedster Pokemon seem like to go to in Pokemon UNITE, support Pokemon are very underappreciated. 

Pokemon UNITE Best Pokemon (Defender): Snorlax

Snorlax Pokemon UNITE
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Snorlax is a key figure in any Pokemon game, and the thicc tank is no different in Pokemon UNITE. With the highest endurance stat of 5/5, this makes up for the support rating of 2.5 stars. 

For a strong team composition, Snorlax is the perfect defence Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE. Here's what we think is their best moves:

Level 1 - Tackle > Rest
Level 6 - Dash > Flail
Level 8 - Yawn > Block

Snorlax UNITE Ability - Power Nap

Being the Pokemon that they are, is it a surprise that Snorlax's UNITE ability literally sends themselves to sleep and starting to snore? Well this works in your favour as damage is dealt to any Pokemon in the surrounding area, and throws them away. 


There’s your Pokemon UNITE Tier List. Stay tuned at GGRecon for more Pokemon UNITE content. 


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