Pokemon UNITE tier list (2023): All Pokemon ranked from best to worst

Pokemon UNITE tier list (2023): All Pokemon ranked from best to worst
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If you're looking to find out the best Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE, our tier list for 2023 covers all the characters in the game from best to worst, so you know who currently shines in the meta.

Pokemon UNITE has grown massively since it launched, with a tonne of characters for players to choose from. With so many Pokemon in the game, it can be hard to know who is considered optimal for winning games and besting your opponents, but there is a clear meta that's emerged and changes with every update.

For a breakdown of who you should play and who you should avoid, check out the full Pokemon UNITE tier list below.

Pokemon UNITE tier list (November 2023)

key art of Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE
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The table below has our full Pokemon UNITE tier list, ranking every character in the game from S-tier to E-tier.

It's worth noting that just because a Pokemon is rated low on this list, it doesn't mean they aren't viable in games, it just means there are better and easier options to make the most of.

Tier Pokemon
S Blissey, Mega Mewtwo X, Mew, Mimikyu, Slowbro, Umbreon, Zacian, and Zoroark
A Absol, Blastoise, Blaziken, Buzzwole, Chandelure, Dodrio, Eldegoss, Hoopa, Lapras, Mega Mewtwo Y, Ninetales, and Urshifu
B Azumarill, Clefable, Comfey, Cramorant, Crustle, Delphox, Dragonite, Espeon, Glaceon, Leadeon, Snorlax, Sylveon, Trevenant, and Venusaur
C Aegislash, Charizard, Cinderace, Decidueye, Dragapult, Garchomp, Gardevoir, Goodra, Greedent, Lucario, Machamp, Mr. Mime, Scizor, Scyther, Inteleon, and Talonflame
D Greninja, Pikachu, Sableye, and Tyranitar
E Duraludon, Gengar, Mamoswine, Tasreena, Wigglypuff, and Zeraora

What is the best Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE?

art of Blissey in Pokemon UNITE
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Our pick for the best Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE currently is Blissey.

Standing at the height of the game's meta, Blissey recently received massive buffs that turned it into the best support you can currently play - boasting massive HP that allows it to tank damage, and the ability to help allies with healing and buffs. 

Its stat spread and tankiness also make it a perfect counter to burst damage Pokemon, who are highly regarded in the meta currently.

Blissey is also super simple to learn and play, and as long as you're around your allies, supporting them your abilities, you can provide a massive advantage to your team.

There’s our Pokemon UNITE tier list, ranking all the characters in the current meta and the best Pokemon in the game.

Check out our Pokemon UNITE homepage for more content. Alternatively, check out the Pokémon Unite codes, how to play on PC, and if the game is cross-platform.

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