Is Pokemon UNITE Cross-Platform?

Is Pokemon UNITE Cross-Platform?
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6th Feb 2023 10:27

If you want to team up with friends, or progress across platforms, you’ll have no doubt asked yourself the question: “Is Pokemon UNITE cross-platform”? This guide will answer all your Pokemon UNITE cross-platform questions, including how to play with friends, how to set it up, and how to progress on the same account.

What Does Cross-Platform Mean?

Cross-platform gaming allows you and your friends to join together and play the same game, regardless of the console, computer or mobile used.

Once thought of as a sci-fi fantasy, cross-platforming is now commonplace across many competitive games. But is Pokemon UNITE cross-platform?

Is Pokemon UNITE Cross-Platform?

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If someone is playing on mobile, but you’re playing on Nintendo Switch, don’t worry! Pokemon UNITE is cross-platform.

The popular MOBA is available on Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS devices. You can team up with anyone across the game’s available platforms with no delay and very few restrictions.

At release, Pokemon UNITE was only available on Nintendo Switch, but the mobile app was quickly rolled out a few months later.

How To Play Pokemon UNITE Cross-Platform

It’s simple to play cross-platform in Pokemon UNITE.

The game doesn’t take into account hardware when creating lobbies, meaning it will automatically pair console and mobile users together effortlessly. No input is needed on your behalf.

Looking to continue your Pokemon UNITE save from either device? Just log into your account on the other device with a Nintendo account or your Pokemon Trainer Club account for seamless cross-platform progression.

However, you cannot transfer this in-game currency between different platforms. This is because it costs real-life money to purchase them.

It’s easy to play and save cross-platform in Pokemon UNITE! If the MOBA ever makes the jump to PC, it’s likely that it will also be cross-platform compatible. Keep an eye out on the official Pokemon UNITE social accounts to keep up-to-date with the latest news.

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