Best Slowbro Build In Pokemon UNITE

Best Slowbro Build In Pokemon UNITE
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20th Feb 2023 15:12

The best Slowbro build in Pokemon UNITE turns this Defender into a hit-absorbing wall that supports Attackers in the early-game lanes. With a decent standard attack range and great support skills to isolate opponents, this character in Pokemon UNITE has seen a resurgence since its November 2022 stat buff.

So pick up a Slowbro License for 6,000 Aeos coins (and spring for a very dapper hat if you have the gems), and let’s get stuck into how to be the very best Slowbro main in Pokemon UNITE.

Pokemon UNITE Slowbro Best Build: Moveset

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First of all, we need to figure out which moveset you should pick for Slowbro. 

When researching this Pokemon, I found myself pleasantly surprised at its versatility. In the Pokemon UNITE meta, Slowbro has two stand-out choices: Telekinisis/Surf paired with a Potion for support, and Amnesia/Scald paired with an X Speed for defense. 

Whilst Telekinisis/Surf would be a great choice when working in synergy with a well-rounded team, I found myself facing the dreaded Solo-Q, as I think many of you will be too. 

For this guide, we’ll be making an Amnesia/Scald build. 

Scald is a fantastic offensive move that slows opponents down by 80% for 0.5 seconds and reduces attack by 40% for 3 seconds. It also has a healing factor, restoring 10% of Slowbro’s Oblivious ability health bar once per stream. The only thing to watch out for is that you will need to aim this move - make sure you aim for where your opponent is going, not where they currently are!

Amnesia recovers lost health, baiting opponents into attacks that will be instantly restored. It also increases both Defences and boosts your next Scald.

How To Play Slowbro

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Your main responsibility as Slowbro is to protect your frail Attacker lanemates during the early-game skirmishes. Make sure you shadow them closely and intercept any oncoming attacks. You should also use your initial moveset to deal out damage to help press in the lanes and score.

Pokemon UNITE Slowbro Best Build: Items

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An Escape Button or an X Speed is the current meta Held Item choice for Slowbro. An Escape Button is great for quick escapes, whilst the X Speed gives better maneuverability overall. 

When it comes to held items, you should look to max out the Muscle Band increase the strength of basic attacks by a percentage of the opposing Pokemon's remaining HP. You should also pair the X Speed with a Score Shield to get away from fights and score. Finally, the optimum choice is the Focus Band for HP restoration once you dip below 25% health.

Yes, that’s a Shell Bell, not a Focus Band in the above photo. I ran out of time to prep, leave me alone. However, in a happy accident, I found I

The Pokemon UNITE Discord will hate me, but I actually found I preferred the Shell Bell’s passive healing abilities over the Focus Band’s burst restoration. 

How To Counter Slowbro

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So you’ve learned everything you need to know about how to pack a punch with Slowbro. Unfortunately for you, it seems like so has everyone else. The most popular counters to Slowbro are powerful ranged attackers like Cinderace, whose speed, offense, and range is just too much for Slowbro to take on. 

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