Best Zacian Build In Pokemon UNITE 2023

Best Zacian Build In Pokemon UNITE 2023
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28th Feb 2023 13:34

The best Zacian build in Pokemon UNITE plays on this powerful All-Rounder’s insane damage output and survivability.

This guide will teach you how to conquer the battlefield and strike down your foes with the Fairy King Sword. So, keep reading to learn all about the best Zacian build in Pokemon UNITE.

Pokemon UNITE: Zacian Overview

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This Generation 8 Sword Doggo is a Physical Melee All-Rounder that outputs some severe damage. At the time of writing, it is perhaps one of the strongest new releases ever to hit the Aeos Island battlefield. Its damage output rivals that of the strongest Attackers, whilst having the durability of Defenders. It also has cooldown reset mechanics, which can lead to some terrifying combos.

It does have an unusual downside. Zacian can only equip two held items, for reasons which we’ll get into a bit later on.

Pokemon UNITE Zacian Best Build: Moveset

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Play Rough and Sacred Sword work in harmony to pounce on unsuspecting targets.

At level 5, upgrading at level 11, Zacian will learn Sacred Sword. This signature move reduces the movement speed of any Pokemon caught in its radius. It then unleashes a slashing attack inside the AoE, dealing damage to and stunning your enemies. You can boost this move with Aeos energy to increase its AoE and reduce the time between input and slash attack.

Zacian’s Attack also gets a boost, and the Pokemon partially ignores opponents' Defenses. Scary stuff.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Play Rough could be used to set up devastating blows that can wipe out an entire enemy team. Zacian will learn it at level 7, and upgrade at level 13.

This Physical dash attack deals damage and stuns any opposing Pokemon in its path. It will reduce the damage taken from the enemy Pokemon it hit. Play Rough is best used to initiate fights and as set up for Sacred Sword. Best of all, you can dash through walls at a certain distance to gain early access to the jungle.

Pokemon UNITE Zacian Best Build: Items

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As mentioned, Zacian has an unusual gimmick. Much like in the mainstream games, Zacian is equipped with its Rusted Sword - a peculiar item that offers no stat increases, but limits Zacian's held items to just two slots.

With Zacian’s other two held item slots, you should look to max out the Muscle Band to boost Attack, and the Razor Claw to boost critical hit rate.

The X Speed is the current meta choice for Zacian’s Battle Item. This offsets Zacian’s base slow movement speed. This is great for escaping sticky situations or repositioning Zacian to deliver a fatal blow with its sword.

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