The best Lucario builds in Pokemon UNITE

The best Lucario builds in Pokemon UNITE
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18th Aug 2021 14:27

These Pokemon UNITE Lucario builds will come in handy for anyone wanting to use one of the most popular Pokemon in the entire franchise, especially from the second generation onwards. Its powerful moves and heroic persona have made it a fan favourite, which may make it a popular choice again in Pokemon UNITE. However, picking Lucario without full knowledge of how UNITE works is a dangerous gambit, as the Aura assassin has a steep learning curve that beginners will not be expecting. Getting over that curve is worth it though, as Lucario is an absolute beast in the right hands. Here are the best Pokemon UNITE Lucario builds.

Pokemon UNITE Lucario builds: Stats and Moveset

Best Pokemon Unite Lucario builds
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First, let's lay out what Lucario has to offer:

Role: All-Rounder
Style: Melee
Difficulty: Expert


  • Offense - 6
  • Endurance - 5
  • Mobility - 7
  • Scoring - 6
  • Support - 1

Evolution levels


Special moves

Passive Skill: Steadfast - Lucario moves faster and gains a shield whenever its HP is low.

Unite Move: Aura Cannon - Lucario launches a massive energy blast that inflicts area-of-effect damage. If Power-Up Punch was chosen as a special move, its next use has increased damage.

Quick Attack - A quick lunge forward for good damage. Cooldown is 6 seconds. Upgrades at Lvl. 5 to one of the following: 

  • Extreme Speed - Lucario performs a speedy dash attack. If used directly next to an opponent, the move restores HP and resets cooldown. 9 second cooldown. At Lvl. 11 Lucario's basic attack power is increased temporarily after use.
  • Power-Up Punch - Lucario charges and releases a punch that damages opponents, knocking them back. Lucario's next basic attack will be boosted. 7 second cooldown. At Lvl. 11 Lucario will not be stunned, knocked back, or launched while charging the move.

Meteor Smash - Lucario dashes ahead and punches, pushing opponents back while dealing damage. Cooldown is 7 seconds. Upgrades at Lvl. 7 to one of the following:

  • Bone Rush - Lucario uses a bone for a multi-hit attack that can stun opponents. The last use sends the bone into the air, and Lucario immediately rushes to where it lands before the final blow. 10 second cooldown. At Lvl. 13 all of Lucario's moves have cooldowns reset after it rushes to where the bone lands.
  • Close Combat - Lucario performs a multi-hit combo that pushes opponents back while dealing damage. 9 second cooldown. At Lvl. 13 Lucario cannot be stunned, knocked back, or launched while attacking, and gains a shield after use.

Now that we know what we're working with, let's see the best options for making your Lucario's aura assault the strongest it can be.

Pokemon UNITE Lucario builds: Aura assist

Pokemon Unite Lucario builds: Aura Assist
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  • Focus: Attacker Support
  • Area: Middle of Map (switching lanes)
  • Move 1 Upgrade: Power-Up Punch
  • Move 2 Upgrade: Bone Rush
  • Battle Item: Eject Button
  • Held Items
    • Float Stone
    • Muscle Band
    • Rocky Helmet

As an all-rounder Lucario can serve many different purposes, but it's at its best hovering around the middle of the map, powering up by defeating wild Pokemon, and then supporting its teammates in whichever lane they need help. It may encounter the occasional opponent while jungling in the middle lane, but with enough leveling up an one-on-one encounter shouldn't be a problem.

Use Bone Rush on isolated opponents in a skirmish and have your teammates funnel the other enemies to wherever the bone lands on its final hit. Once enough enemies surround the bone, use Bone Rush again to damage them all and immediately follow up with Power-Up Punch to separate the pack. It's a tough combo to pull off--Lucario is "expert" skill level for a reason--but if you can do it you'll be tearing through enemy teams with ease. 

The major issue with this build is the constant movement, anticipating where your team might need assistance and joining them immediately. Lucario has decent speed, but outside of Speedsters movement isn't ideal for anyone in Pokemon UNITE. Float Stone will increase Lucario's speed a bit, while the Eject Button can give a quick zip toward a teamfight in progress...or out of one as the case may need.

Pokemon UNITE Lucario builds: One-on-one assault

Pokemon Unite Lucario builds: One-on-One Assault
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  • Focus: One-on-One Attacking
  • Area: Middle of Map (switching lanes)
  • Move 1 Upgrade: ExtremeSpeed
  • Move 2 Upgrade: Bone Rush
  • Battle Item: Eject Button
  • Held Items
    • Muscle Band
    • Rocky Helmet
    • Scope Lens

You'll notice this build isn't much different than the previous one, the majority of choices being the same. However there are two key elements to this build that turn Lucario from a supporting attacker to a sniper assassin: ExtremeSpeed and Scope Lens.

ExtremeSpeed's strategy is similar to the Bone Rush/Power-Up Punch combo from before: Bone Rush until the bone falls to the ground, get an enemy near it, use Bone Rush again immediately followed by ExtremeSpeed. The difference here is the extra buffs to ExtremeSpeed when used directly next to an enemy, healing Lucario and immediately letting it use the attack again. This creates an insurmountable barrage that few enemies can withstand, and the combo of Muscle Band's attack boost and Scope Lens enhancing Critical Hit rate will only make this combo more potent.

The problem lies in Lucario targeting single enemies in the field; if they're not truly alone, Lucario is hanging itself out to dry. It's not a great feeling to see a target, approach, then watch two of the target's teammates walk out of the tall grass in support. Rocky Helmet's defense boost and damage trading can help a little bit, but nothing really counters being ganged up on by enemies hiding in the reeds. Use that Eject Button in a pinch if you see multiple enemies descending on you; you do not want to end up in that disadvantage.

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