Best Mimikyu build in Pokemon UNITE: Moveset, items & more

Best Mimikyu build in Pokemon UNITE: Moveset, items & more
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Sara Heritage


22nd Oct 2023 10:34

Mimikyu has finally joined the Pokemon UNITE roster. Its release on October 19, 2023 has got players across the globe wondering what the best build for this Pika-clone could be.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to haunt opponents and give them a fright with this ghostly physical All-Rounder in Pokemon UNITE.

Best moveset for Mimikyu in Pokemon UNITE

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Mimikyu’s “Double Shadow Build” in Pokemon UNITE is the current meta-of-choice. This deadly combo pairs Shadow Claw and Shadow Sneak together, transforming Mimikyu into a deadly assassin who can easily take down enemies.

First up - Shadow Claw. This damaging move sees Mimikyu jump forward and slash at enemies with its claws, decreasing their movement speed (which can stack) and restoring Mimikyu’s HP. You can speed up Shadow Claw’s cooldown by hitting opponents with a basic attack.

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Shadow Sneak should be Mimikyu’s second move. This move is a little complicated to get the hang of, but can deal out massive amounts of damage once you get it right.

If the move hits an opponent, they’ll be marked as shadow targets for a short period of time. If you want to extend the duration of the mark, try and hit opponents through tall grass or a wall.

Once an enemy Pokemon is marked as a shadow target, the real fun begins. There are two stages to a Shadow Sneak combo:

  1. Mimikyu will deal extra damage to any shadow-marked enemy based on the percentage of HP the opposing Pokemon has lost.
  2. If you use Shadow Sneak again, Mimikyu will leap to the opponent and deal extra damage, extending the duration of the shadow mark. This is the perfect opportunity to get a boosted Shadow Claw in!

Finally, if you know out the shadow target, Shadow Sneak’s cooldown is reset, and Mimikyu recovers HP. Neat!

Best items for Mimikyu in Pokemon UNITE

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The best Mimikyu build for Pokemon UNITE benefits from items that maximise damage output so Mimikyu can deal out extra, EXTRA boosted attacks, while also soaking up hits from the opponents.

Equipping an +30 Attack Weight gives Mimikyu a large damage boost, perfect for pressing in on the top or bottom lane early-game. Razor Claw has great synergy with Shadow Sneak and Shadow Claw's cooldown reduction mechanics, increasing Mimikyu's attack damage each time it uses a move. Finally, the Weakness Policy boosts Mimikyu's attack whenever it takes hits, which, as an All-Rounder, it can tank quite easily.

For your Battle Item, I’ve found that the Eject Button helps reposition Mimikyu on top of Shadow Sneak’s mobility.

Has reading this guide made you want to try out Mimikyu for yourself? Currently, you can only purchase Mimikyu’s UNITE License for 575 Aeos Gems. Got some spare Aeos coins? The UNITE License will be available to purchase with Aeos Coins from October 26, 2023.

If you’re running a little low on funds, don’t worry. You can try out Mimikyu in Standard Battles without purchasing the license by claiming the free Limited License from the Mimikyu Log-in Event.

For even more Pokemon UNITE guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.

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