Best Glaceon build in Pokemon UNITE (2023)

Best Glaceon build in Pokemon UNITE (2023)
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9th Mar 2023 17:35

The best Glaceon build in Pokemon UNITE dials the damage this sleet-footed Ranged Attacker deals out up to the max.

Want to take the Glacial Stage and leave your opponents in the diamond dust? You’ll need to know how to build the best Glaceon in Pokemon UNITE, including moveset, items and playstyle.

Pokemon UNITE: Glaceon Overview

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Generation 4’s icy Eevee has been a firm fan-favourite for many years thanks to its cool evolution method and iconic bangs.

In the MOBA Pokemon UNITE, Glaceon is an S-tier UNITE License, able to snow in its foes from afar whilst avoiding active threats. Its passive ability, Snow Cloak, allows Glaceon to negate hindrances and become invincible for 0.5s, meaning it has extra protection from crowd control.

However, compared to other Eeveelutions in the game, Glaceon has slower damage scaling, which relies heavily on its unique Ice Crystals mechanic. This means that Glaceon does not have a consistent DPS like other Attackers and requires some in-depth knowledge of its moveset to master.

Pokemon UNITE Glaceon best build: Moveset

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This build focuses on gathering Ice Crystals using Ice Shard, then unleashing a devastating barrage of Icicle Spears for great move synergy.

First of all, I have to explain Glaceon’s Ice Crystals mechanic. These two moves require Ice Crystals, which Glaceon can form and then fire at its opponent. Every time an ice attack hits, Glaceon gains two Ice Crystals. Stack these icicles to deal maximum damage.

Icicle Spear is a Sure Hit move. It launches all of Glaceon’s accumulated ice crystals in rapid succession at your opponent. If you have no stored Ice Crystals, two will automatically be created.

Its Ice Crystals will shatter upon contact, dealing damage to crowds. Using this move will also reduce the cooldown of your second move, Ice Shard.

Ice Shard increases Glaceon’s movement and basic attack speed, whilst transforming basic attacks change into powerful ice attacks that generate Ice Crystals for 2.5 seconds. It can also be used to provide two additional Ice Crystals to Icicle Spear’s attack.

You will unlock Glaceon’s UNITE Move, Glacial Stage, at level 8. Glacial Stage is a powerful move that creates a diamond in front of Glaceon, dealing damage to enemies in the area of effect. It also increases your movement speed by 50%, whilst decreasing enemy movement speed by the same amount.

It will also give you two Ice Crystals every second whilst you’re in the centre, and one ice crystal every second whilst you’re on the perimeter.

Pokemon UNITE Glaceon best build: Items

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The current meta choice for Glaceon looks to increase its damage output and survivability.

The Muscle Band boosts Standard Attack damage, great for generating Ice Crystals for Ice Shard.

The new item, Slick Spoon, increases Glaceon's Special Attack. It also ignores a portion of its target's Special Defense, giving it an extra boost.

Finally, Buddy Barrier protects your teammates when you play Glacial Stage with extra shields. It also gives you an HP buff, which can be great for surviving team skirmishes.

For your held item, X Speed or an Eject Button gives Glaceon the mobility it needs to reposition and chase down opponents to nail them with a brutal Icicle Spear.

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