Best Inteleon build in Pokemon UNITE: Moveset, items & more

Best Inteleon build in Pokemon UNITE: Moveset, items & more
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6th Jul 2023 15:34


Inteleon has joined the Pokemon UNITE fray, making players of course wonder what the best Intelon build is for the game. After all, this Secret Agent Pokemon has always been one with interesting lore, with its Pokedex entry saying it "can spy on its opponents and secretly snipe them from the bushes".

Unlike recent releases such as Leafeon, this attacker seems fairly well-rounded within the current meta. It can camouflage and become untargetable in the grass, which can be deadly come the late-game skirmishes. However, to balance it out, it has very low durability and a tedious early game.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get good with the best Inteleon build in Pokemon UNITE.

Inteleon Pokemon UNITE best build: Moveset

Liquidation and Acrobatics, part of the best Inteleon build in Pokemon UNITE
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When it comes to the best in Pokemon UNITE, current meta revolves around Inteleon’s ‘Liquidation’ build. It’s kind of in the name with this build - focusing on using Liquidation and Acrobatics to nimbly take a target down.

These two moves work well in synergy with each other; Liquidation can deal out massive damage when it lands critical hits, and Acrobatics can negate Inteleon’s slow base movement speed.

Inteleon also has a new mechanic called critical counter. When you use certain moves or spend a set amount of time camouflaged, you’ll gain one critical counter, stackable to three. If you consume a critical counter, your next basic attack or move with a set chance of becoming a critical hit is guaranteed to be critical. Neato!

Now we’ve talked about critical counters, we can dive a little deeper into Liquidation.

Inteleon using Liquidation in Pokemon UNITE
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Liquidation sees Inteleon fire water projectiles, which deal damage if they hit an opponent. If you can hit your opponent five times in quick succession they'll take more damage. 

You’ll want to use a critical counter before firing Liquidation to deal out massive damage. Next, Acrobatics can be used whilst firing Liquidation to dodge attacks and chase down opponents.

If you hit an opposing Pokemon or wall whilst gliding, you’ll deal damage and decrease its movement speed. Bonus tip - every time you use Acrobatics, you’ll gain one critical counter. You can see how it’s all coming together!

Pokemon UNITE Inteleon best build: Items

Acrobatics, part of the best Inteleon build in Pokemon UNITE
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This best Inteleon build for Pokemon UNITE really benefits from items that maximise damage output so Inteleon can rip through opponents with a boosted Liquidation.

You should look to equip level 30 Choice Specs, Slick Spoon, and Wise Glasses for optimal damage output. For your Battle Item, I’ve found that Eject Button helps reposition Inteleon when Acrobatics just won’t cut it.

Inteleon Pokemon UNITE: Extra info

Sobble to Inteleon progression in Pokemon UNITE
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Like the sound of Inteleon? It won’t come cheap - as of July 4th, 2023, you can only pick up its UNITE licence for 575 Aeos Gems. But if you hang fire, you’ll be able to purchase it for 13,000 Aeos Coins.

That's all you need to know about the best Intelon build in Pokemon UNITE - including its moveset, items, and more.

For even more Pokemon UNITE guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.

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